The GOP is headed for the biggest loss in their history of they don’t wake up to the grass roots. If the people choose Jeb! Rubio, Cruz, Trump or Carson it is up to them.

We have huge issues that we are facing and we need serious debates that are not gotcha games. Dr. Ben Carson was right on This Week on ABC.
What sets each of these candidates apart? Can we find it without divisiveness?

Maureen Dowd had a good article on Jeb! today. She described him as the candidate of the 1990’s. Is a return to the establishment right for America? Or is it a new path?

I have my opinion, but it is only one of 330,000,000.

Times have changed and the GOP needs to wake up. The Tea Party is standing in the position of the Reagan Democrat. These are your constituents. These are the hard working Americans that still believe that Frank Capra’s America can exist.

The truth be told, the establishment GOP didn’t like him at first either.

When he won, they all became Reagan devotees. They need to open their eyes and see that a new Reagan is coming. Carter gave us Reagan and Obama will give us someone greater.

The establishment GOP was transformed not destroyed. The future is not going to be led by those who destroy but by those who build.

The people will know when the see the right leader. — the powerful will try to destroy him or her.

It is human nature to reject something new but in reality this is the oldest thing around.

True independent self governance.

It used to be called the American Experiment and it worked.

Free the people, trust them and they will correct our course.

It is not to late but it is five minutes to Midnight and in this story there is no prince to return the slipper.

They must shake themselves awake and come together with the principles and ideals we conservatives were entrusted to conserve.

The GOP will win when they let yesterday pass and realize that it is Morning in America again.

The GOP is headed for the biggest loss in their history of they don't wake up to the grass roots. If the people choose…

Posted by Glenn Beck on Sunday, November 1, 2015