Amid the bustle and shopping and travel that often dominate the holidays, stories of faith and heroism from American history are often forgotten. Glenn kicked off his radio show on the day before Thanksgiving with a few reminders to start the season the right way.

“I don’t think personally that it is a coincidence that these holidays come one right after another. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s,” Glenn said. “I think it’s when we connect the three of these holidays for more than just shopping, our whole world changes.”

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He went on to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving, which came from a letter written in 1621 by Edward Winslow, the leader of Plymouth Colony.

“What Edward had written in 1621 was something that didn’t resemble anything at all like we have today,” Glenn said.

That’s because the letter was lost for nearly 200 years.

“We think of the Thanksgiving feast, but it was actually quite the opposite. The first Thanksgiving included fasting, something that we do not associate with the holidays at all,” Glenn said. “The Pilgrims were truly grateful.”

Want to get into the holiday spirit? Watch the music video below of Kim Harley and Clyde Bawden performing a beautiful rendition of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” from the “Believe Again” album.