For Thanksgiving Day, Glenn shared this message of encouragement.

As Americans, we are blessed. By divine providence, we live in the United States of America. That means, no matter your situation, you have more than 98 percent of the world.

While the holidays can be a tough — especially if you’re spending time with people you don’t always see eye to eye with — it’s important to put differences aside and just be grateful.

We all have people in our family we don’t necessarily get along with, but that’s okay.

“I love having family near, but it wasn’t always that way,” Glenn shared. “I think all of us, if we’re lucky, we grew up in a good family. But we’ve all had our problems.”

If you’re in one of those family situations where you just don’t get along with somebody — or maybe anybody — it’s okay. Recognize that we’re all different and, for this one day, our job is to be grateful. Our job is to be a beacon of faith and hope and confidence, not fear or worry or doubt.

So for just one day, be truly being grateful for all that you’ve been given. Go to the table of Thanksgiving, and come together, giving thanks for all of your blessings.