Warning: this post is very politically incorrect. If you are offended by honest conversations revolving around real world life and death situations click away now.

If you are still here, prepare to be challenged in your thinking and understanding of the world and what time it is on an eternal clock.

This video is something every American needs to see. But they need to understand it. It is rich with meaning. All of it end times.

Evil people will take the next two paragraphs out of context to smear me as anti Islam. So be it as we must have this conversation. The following has NOTHING to do what I believe but rather what THEY believe.

Some wonder if we are in the end times. Some wonder if Islam is the religion of the Anti Christ and ISIS is the army of the beast.


They believe it to be true. They are fighting the end times battle.

Every American needs to see this video. It does NOT include beheadings etc. it is the latest message from ISIS.

The reason you should see it, is because you will understand why they fight and how our politicians are either lying to you or fools. Why they fight is clear.

It IS about Islam.

What you will see is the fulfillment of their end times prophecy. It happens to be a direct reflection of our end times prophecy as well. (As you will see in the video – one world government, Gog and Magog = Russia and Iran alliance).

What is truly remarkable is that every word in this video should be understood by members of my audience from the Kaliphate to Sykes Picot. Everything that we were mocked about including the end times philosophy is in this one video.

You are one of the few that can decrypt this video for your friends. You should be able to explain every word and when you do the full impact of what and who we are dealing with will be clear.

The argument of refugees and boots on the ground, spending caps and even the matter of are we a Christian nation fall away to silence and the answers are self evident.

Please watch this video and explain it to your friends. If you can’t, go back and watch old episodes of The Root. I will have my team go through old episodes and see if they can put a tutorial together for you. I will also try to go through this on radio Monday. Or go to a library and get my book, It IS about Islam.

The only warning is that this comes with a very heavy tone of Armageddon.

Remember: you don’t have to believe they are the army of the Anti Christ – they do. You don’t have to believe they think their version of Islam is the religion of the Anti Christ, but by their definition they will wipe everything out that doesn’t glorify Islam. Historic treasures and all Christians, Jews, Hindus etc.

We must not fold in to the United Nations. We must not go broke, we must not put our boots on the ground. We must find simple ways to break their prophecy. (Kill Al Bagdadi).

It will not happen under this president as we now know he has been (unwittingly?) aiding them for his own goal of getting rid of Assad. This must end now. Assad is bad but he doesn’t believe he is the army of end times.

Please watch and pass on.