Glenn unveiled his theory on how the U.S. government is using the Islamic State to topple Syria’s government during his TV program Monday night.

Using extensive chalkboard maps and diagrams, Glenn broke down formerly classified documents from the Department of Defense to reveal chilling evidence ISIS was created by the Obama administration for three main objectives.

1. Develop current events into a proxy war.

2. Harness opposition forces (a.k.a. ISIS) for regime change.

3. Establish a declared or undeclared salafist principality (a.k.a. ISIS) in eastern Syria.

In spite of bad press the intelligence community has received of late, Glenn pointed out they were dead on with this analysis. They predicted ISIS would control parts of Syria and that’s exactly what happened. And — incredibly — it’s what this administration wanted all along.

“ISIS is the fruit of the Obama administration’s labor,” Glenn said. “Let that sink in and spread the word.”

He continued.

“Team Obama would like you to believe ISIS caught them by surprise, but in reality, they saw ISIS coming,” Glenn said. “The consequences have been devastating. The human toll has been immeasurable. Would Paris have happened if we had destroyed ISIS rather than contained them?”

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