Oregon Proves We Are No Longer a Nation of Laws, But of Men

Three years ago, rancher Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son Steven Hammond, 43, were convicted of arson for lighting fires near their property in 2001 and 2006. They both served jail time, but new authorities at the Bureau of Land Management decided it wasn’t enough.

In an apparent case of “double jeopardy” expressly prohibited by the Fifth Amendment, a judge ruled their terms were too short under federal law and ordered them back to prison for about four years each.

On radio Monday, Glenn said this demonstrates “we are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men.”

A peaceful protest by citizens Saturday was followed by a militia of dozens occupying the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refugean in Burns, Oregon.

Glenn reminded listeners of another standoff that did not end well. Remember Waco, Texas?

“Militia members, where do you think you’re going to end up? What do you think the end is going to look like?” Glenn asked. “Remember, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno set people on fire and the American people were okay with it. Why? Because they [the Branch Davidians] looked like crazy people with guns. Image is everything.”

While absolutely on the side of the ranchers wronged by the federal government, Glenn voiced his preference for a peaceful resolution to conflict.

“This is the oldest story in the book. This is the message of Jesus,” Glenn said. “You want to change the world, you must be peaceful. It’s the message of Martin Luther King. It’s the message of Gandhi. It’s the message of Abraham Lincoln. With malice toward none and charity toward all.”

Armed yet non-violent, the militia stated they’re goal is to peacefully restore the rights of ranchers and land owners in the area. They haven’t taken hostages, destroyed property or fired guns.

Glenn went on to compare the militia’s protest with those in Baltimore and Ferguson, and the disparity of how the two have been portrayed in the media.

“They’re just peacefully occupying this place,” Glenn said. “Now let me take to you Ferguson, let me take you to Baltimore, where they were burning cities down to the ground.”

He continued.

“How were they imaged in the press? As people that were wronged, that needed to be listened to, that you can understand what they’re trying to say. That they really are just frustrated. They burned the city down to the ground. And they needed their own space to be able to burn cities down to the ground. Montel Williams is on television now saying that the militia should be killed. Baltimore, we should listen. The militia, we should kill.”

While the militia may be on the side of truth and what’s right, they’re not likely to win. Why? Because we no longer live in a nation grounded in laws, but a nation of men. If you’re on the wrong side of those in power, you lose.

Glenn likened what’s happening now to what happens under the rule of kings.

“The king could do and say anything, and all of his cronies could do or say anything, but the peasant, if they were on the wrong side of the king because it was a nation of men and not of laws, the peasants couldn’t get away with it,” Glenn explained. “The peasants could be charged with anything and be hauled off to jail. Where, the king could get away with murder.”

That’s exactly the opposite of what George Washington and our founders intended and created.

Watch the excerpt below:

Featured Image: Protesters in Burn, Oregon