Glenn Beck Makes First Ever Presidential Endorsement for Ted Cruz

In nearly 40 years of broadcasting, Glenn Beck has never officially endorsed any presidential candidate. Not that he’s never been asked. He has, many times. But he’s never trusted anyone enough — until now.

Beck made the unprecedented announcement on the campaign trail today during a rally at Faith Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.

“We need a new George Washington,” Beck said. “Today’s Washington will not be found in the garish light of gold, but rather, in the bold service of a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes — that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is why I am endorsing Senator Ted Cruz as the next President of the United States of America.”

In addition to Glenn Beck, the rally, sponsored by Keep The Promise, featured special guest Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Steve King, Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader, and David Barton of Wallbuilders.

With the country at a pivotal crossroads, Beck emphasized how critical it is to put the United States back on the right track and reconnect with what made America exceptional.

“America’s presidency is more than just an office, bigger than just a man. The presidency is about the principles of life, liberty, and justice for all. I stand for those principles, and we must elect a president who stands for them,” Beck said.

Beck also highlighted Cruz’s many accomplishments — from winning landmark court cases to standing on principles grounded by the U.S. Constitution. Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant, was fed the Constitution as a child and raised on the solid Judeo-Christian principles that founded the United States of America.

“I have prayed for the next George Washington,” Beck said, “I believe I have found him.”

Watch Glenn and Sen. Cruz at the rally in Waterloo.


Rally Photos From Glenn’s Instagram


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Featured Image: Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck on The Glenn Beck Program

Below is a rush transcript of Glenn’s speech, it might contain errors.

What brings us here today?
Not a man.

But a simple belief that things can be better.
That it doesn’t need to be this hard,
And that our children do have hope of a better tomorrow than our yesterdays.

No president can give us that.
Nor can any president snuff out that flame.
It is the essence of America.

It is what those who yearn for our shores feel.
Those who are locked in some Iranian jail hope for.
And what those in the slave shops of China can only dream of.

Our country is in trouble and we stand at the crossroads.

To put ourselves back on the right track we need to reconnect with what got us here.

Many of you have been with me for a while.
You watched me at Fox and we learned the good bad and ugly about our history together,
We stood shoulder to shoulder on a beautiful August day at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.

We prayed together for God to help us
find a leader or patriot that could be the next George Washington.

Honestly, when we were in Washington and since,
I had given up hope.
I thought we would have to raise him or her from childhood
and it would be thirty-five years before we would meet them.

The press seems to think that I am here to endorse Ted Cruz today.
In my almost 40 years of broadcast I have never endorsed anyone.

For years it wouldn’t have mattered
And for the rest,
I didn’t trust the men who asked.

I am still not sure that my endorsement would matter,
But I am here today to talk to you about American principles.

We spoke of them many days while at Fox.

Faith – hope and charity.

Let’s start with faith.
First, Faith in God.
Real faith.

Not showman faith.
Living the principles of faith,
not just reading about them in 2nd Corinthians.
But actually living them.

But by their fruits shall he know them.

So as we decide who should lead us we should ask:
What are the fruits of these candidates?

Does your candidate have a record of
Standing for your right to worship God,
Winning the court cases to keep the Ten Commandments
Winning the Heller case so you can defend yourself.
And going against his own president, George Bush
to make sure that an illegal alien
who brutally gang raped and killed
got the death penalty he deserved?
Has your candidate served his whole life
trying to make sure you hold on to the rights
God endowed you with?

The George Washington we need today will not be found in the garish light of gold.

But rather, in the bold service of a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes.

Where does your candidate find his treasure?
Casinos or The Constitution?

But there is another kind of faith we must look for.
I heard The Donald say that “I will make America great again.”
But this is not true. And Donald can’t make it true.

No, one man makes America great.
But each of us as individuals, living our own lives – believing in our own strengths –
that makes America great.

That is faith in self.

We have already had a president tell us
“you didn’t build that”
And try to convince us that he and the power of his office were responsible for what we had accomplished.

But, the President does not create jobs.
He helps create the conditions to where WE THE PEOPLE can create jobs and change lives.

The next president cannot be a repeat of Obama
who thought he could make the seas recede by a stroke of his pen,
or that he was worthy of the peace prize because of his name.

This president must be a servant of God, and the people.
He must have less faith in himself, his pen or his phone
and more real faith in our God,
our principles
and our people.

The next principle is Hope.

Hope comes from truth.
Cancer patients all say the same thing to their doctors: please, shoot straight.
Tell me the truth.
Well I will.
The country has a deep and metastasized cancer.
It is called, political correctness, cronyism, and progressivism.
It is stage four and this may be our last shot.

We are lying to ourselves and accepting lies from our politicians.
Let’s be clear.
Hillary Clinton should be in jail.
Because if you or I did what she has admitted to doing we would be in prison and deservedly so. For the rest of us, “Oops, I’m sorry” doesn’t dismiss felonies.

We must not continue to lower the bar.
Nor accept lies because they are convenient or easy.
We must do the right thing even at our own expense.

And that means telling the truth.
About our situation with jobs,
The rigged game of cronyism,
Our families
And ourselves.

The hard truth.

Many here know my history.
I am an alcoholic who lost everything and almost lost his family.
You know that not because someone exposed it.
But because I told you.

If we don’t tell each other the truth we cannot grow.

I understand pivot points.
Changing your mind, your position, even your heart.

I believe in redemption.
Hope of the world comes from not the mistakes but the ability to admit them,
ask forgiveness
and change your ways.

There are many great candidates in this race
but we must admit it,
this is a two person race.
And the other guy has said that he has never felt that he has done anything to ask God’s forgiveness. The hubris of that thinking is incredible to me. As if the last 8 years of an egomaniac in the White House has taught us nothing.

I cannot judge his soul.
But As citizens we are required to judge his record,

His record is clear: He has been a life long progressive, and now he claims to be conservative.
Where was his pivot point?
He could tell us the story on what happened in his life to suddenly change almost every principle he held his entire life –
The principles that have guided his actions for over 60 years.

Perhaps he really doesn’t need God’s forgiveness
but how about asking America’s forgiveness for supporting trillions in Wall Street bailouts,
and calling for the nationalization of banks.
How about asking for forgiveness for giving money to prop up Anthony Wiener,
Nancy Pelosi,
Rahm Emanuel
Mitch Mc Conell
and Harry Reid.

Hope comes from honesty.
We need a man who will tell us the truth and then take actions based on those truths.

Finally, Charity.
This is a fundamental principle.
The world knows that we are the most charitable nation in the history of mankind.
We have forgotten.
We do need a Safety net – for the few who truly need it.
And we must keep those promises that we have made, like those to our veterans.
They did their job.
Now we must do ours
and help them heal and become whole
without a lot of government red tape.
We made them fight for our freedom with one hand tied behind their back,
there should be no foolish rules of engagement at the hospital.

We can do this by getting the government out of the way.
By allowing medical professionals
and private institutions to do what they are supposed to do.
But we must do more ourselves.
The days of walking by the homeless,
the alcoholic,
out of work,
the orphan
with out really seeing them, must end.

We must talk less of our rights and more about our own personal responsibility.
The Good Samaritan didn’t call the government.
He picked him up, paid for his stay and helped him back on his feet.
Government isn’t the solution, it is the problem.

But that means all of us.
Charity must not be used as a tool to simply take the bread from another’s work because you do not wish to work.

This means that this misguided compassion must end.
FDR said that when you take away a man’s ability to work you take away his self-worth.

The government dole must end,
not simply because we can no longer afford it
but because it violates our principles.
By strengthening people
and encouraging to them do what they can
and must do for themselves,
they become strong and engaged citizens.


And let’s not forget that Charity begins at home.

If we do not get a hold of our borders
and who is here
we will not be able to be the life boat for those who truly need it..
All those who wish to do us harm
and those who are willing to bleed us dry
must be sent home.

But we must not forget those who want to become an American
like Ted’s father.

And because charity is a virtue that we hold up as foundational,
we must not forget the Christians that are being crucified,
and whose children are being raped
and sold off as slaves for Isis. They
need a home and our principles demand that we find ways to help them.

Most of all
we need to be more charitable toward each other.
We are at each other’s throats.

We are not the enemy.
Just because we disagree does not make us sell outs or Traitors
Or as a few extremists called Mark Levin for his defense of Ted Cruz “a dirty Jew”.

We are Americans who share many of the same hopes and dreams.
And if what we are fighting for is rooted deeply in our principles, then
We just disagree on how to get there,
Through progressivism
Or constitutionalism. Through Tyranny or through Liberty?

I believe what allowed us to be great in the first place was our constitution.
We were a nation of laws and not of men.
The next president is going to choose up to four Supreme Court Justices.
So much of what is decided is five to four.
With the wrong president those decisions could be 8-1.
The freedom of each man and woman and child is codified into laws protected by the Constitution.

It is time to be the men and women we were born to be.
Because this is our time
And history is being written.

Will we be the first in human history
To turn around
Remember and embrace again what made us great in the first place?

Americas values,
Her principles
And her people.
I told Cruz I would be his worst nightmare if he didn’t do what he said he would.
It’s hard to stand alone.
But in America we love the David and Goliath story.
We root for the little guy, alone and out gunned.

Our choice is clear
will we stand with the bully who buys his favors and destroys, smears and uses every Saul Alinsky tactic to get his way
or with the little guy who still believes that someone who plays by the rules and works hard wins in the end.

Some one who still believes in divine providence and that if you just stand where the Lord asks,
even if his face in the end is marred with sweat,
tears or blood, it is not He that makes America great again,
but we the people,
unleashed and free to create,

America cannot last with another four years of division,
hatred, backroom deal-making
and enemies lists.

We are better than this and we must not compromise who we are.
The next president could be Lincoln.
He could be Washington and refound our country. Restore our principals. Liberty. Freedom. Justice for all.

Who is that man?

I believe that man is Ted Cruz.

Use this compass so your path remains true
while they are slinging mud and losing their way
You will not.

Over the last 4 months, I have wanted one of the debate moderators to ask the candidates ”
Please recite the oath of office, and tell me what that means to you”

The oath of office of the President of the United States is to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States
There is a reason that is the Oath.
The oath doesn’t say “I’ll put a chicken in every pot”
or “I’ll restrict the sale of pornography” or “I’ll declare a war on poverty, drugs and warm weather”
or “I’ll make the rich pay their fair share”.
All government employees take an oath saying they’ll defend the Constitution
from both external and internal enemies

Those are our principles
And that is the president’s job.

I am not here just to endorse these principles which we find self-evident,
but to tell you that this one time the press has it right.

I have finally found a man who actually believes and lives these principles.
That is why.

I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz

to become the first Hispanic president,

the first true Conservative President since Reagan

and the next president of the United States

Ted Cruz.


    I’ll tell you, pro-Cruz messages are sweeping social media. What was a deluge of Trump support a few weeks ago has changed with blinding speed into flood of Cruz endorsements. And thank God! I pray that Iowans realize that a few dollars in subsidies is not worth selling out their principles.

    • SeeMore7

      Iowans are very smart and down to Earth. I have no doubt they’ll figure it out.

  • Jasmine

    i was so glad to see beck actually say the words “i endorse ted cruz.” he normally does NOT endorse presidential candidates. he genuinely believes in cruz as the best choice. what a powerful moment. and it was so sweet… he gave cruz that compass. “stay true.” i am so happy right now!!

  • Pamela Trammell

    It’s really very simple. Ted Cruz is absolutely, constitutionally legal to be President of The United States of America. Nice try though…..

    • Robert Hak

      No he is not. He was not born in US territory or jurisdiction.

  • Robert Hak


  • Robert Hak

    You are endorsing the personal c**t of Goldman Sachs. You could as well endorse Hillary Clinton.

    • Apex Gaming

      Kind of how Trump is owned by everyone?

      Taking a loan from a bank isn’t owned.

      • Joe Smith

        Trump takes loans to build buildings, roads, and bridges. Cruz takes loans to deliver favors and pork to friends in the banking industry like his wife who is on leave from Goldman Sachs.

        Is it any wonder why he voted to expand H1B visa program? He couldn’t help it his masters at Goldman Sachs told him to. 13th in H1b Visa requests since 2011

        • Apex Gaming

          He took a loan to compete against a very wealthy incumbent who had the support of the establishment. Do you always just make stuff up and expect people to listen?

          • Joe Smith

            Noone faults him for taking a loan. What they fault him for is

            A) Using his wifes bank to procure the loan.

            B) Not report it properly to the FEC

            C) Lie about liquidate everything. They didn’t sell their stocks they took a very low interest loan against his stock assets a major difference.

          • Apex Gaming

            You are wrong.

            A) What difference does that make? He didn’t get any special treatment. It was a standard loan.

            B) It was a clerical error. It was disclosed on one form and missed on the other. Both forms were public.

            C) He didn’t lie about anything. You are misinformed.

        • Apex Gaming

          Also, the amendment you are speaking about was a poison pill meant to kill the gang of eight bill, which it did. You can thank Cruz for the fact that there aren’t an additional 30 million illegals voting in the general election by not making up lies about him.

          • Joe Smith

            You mean the amendment offered by Cruz in 2013 to eliminate the path to citizenship — but still offer undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain a legalized status?

            Or the doubling the cap of legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and dramatic increase of 500% for high-skilled H-1B visas to

            The fact Cruz amendments failed speaks to how extreme the sanctuary party — err I mean democrat party — is NOT that Cruz is some sort of hard@ss on the issue of illegal immigration.

          • Apex Gaming
          • Joe Smith

            Yeah, Cruz really won that exchange. Trump destroyed him and the rest of America knows it.


          • Apex Gaming

            Yes, because having to exploit the deaths of thousands of victims of 9-11 is winning, right?

            The guy had no substance so he abused the dead to trying to garner sympathy.

  • Robert Hak

    The Real Cruz (from my personal collection):

    Ted Cruz’s Really Dumb Plan to Politicize the Supreme Court

    Youth for Rand Paul — Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Vote for $400 Billion…

    Ted Cruz 2011: The Constitution protects birthright citizenship for illegals and it’s a mistake for conservatives to spend time fighting it

    Ted Cruz, Bush supporter, thespian, closet liberal?

    The Lost Love Letter Ted Cruz Wishes He Never Wrote

    Marco Rubio + Cruz Has Missed Most Votes This Year of Senators Running for President

    After Railing Against Loretta Lynch, Ted Cruz Skips Confirmation Vote

    Ted Cruz was once John Boehner’s lawyer. Here’s their story. – The Washington Post

    Ted Cruz’s dishonesty on immigration

    Ted Cruz and the use of deception to exploit political ignorance

  • mdsm777

    And yet his mother was American. Because anyone living in Canada was required to be there for 5 years before they were eligible to become a Canadian citizen. Cruz was born 3 years after they went to Canada which means they weren’t even eligible to be Canadian citizens at the time of his birth. Furthermore, we’ve seen the original birth certificate of his mother and guess what? She’s American. This wasn’t a scanned copy that looked suspicious – a la barry sottoro. It was the original, so nice talking points but I’ve heard it all before. Cruz is eligible. It’s best to deal with it and support whoever your candidate is based on issues. It’s much more genuine. Cheers!

    • Calamity Jane

      Cruz has the same situation as Obama, mother born in US and father born in foreign country. Why did Obama try to make us think he was born in Hawaii? Because he would not be eligible if we knew he was born in Kenya.

  • Darned Dirty Ape!

    Beck is insane.

  • Cosmo

    That looks like an awkward first date photo.

  • William Wells

    Oh stop it, Capt-Dax, Are able to read? You write pretty well, except for the content. From whom do you get your legal advice? There is a definition of “natural born citizen” in a US Statute and only one US Statute. If you read closely and follow me, I’ll make it super simple for you. You know that little thing we call our Constitution? Well, in Article II, Section 1, it stipulates: {No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.} Do you see any definition for “natural born citizen” in there? No? Could be because there isn’t one! Guess what? The framers already knew they were going to need one, so they had already provided for it in Article I, Section 8, with these words: {To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization} Clever guys, those Framers! That’s what you call foresight- – -they knew they were going to need it, so they provided for it. What they actually did with that little item, was to assign the duty of defining “natural born citizen” to the US Congress! That way, it could be changed, adjusted by an act of Congress, not requiring an
    amendment. So what did Congress do with that assignment? In the very first Congress, assembled
    under our newly ratified Constitution, they took that assignment seriously and set about creating The
    Naturalization Act of 1790. They completed their duty by inserting in that act these three little words
    “natural born citizen,” the only place you will find them in a US statute. Now, I know you’re thinking I
    must be BSing you, because you have been told over and over that Ted Cruz is ineligible because he
    was born in Canada, but check out the following passage: {And the children of citizens of the United
    States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as
    natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers
    have never been resident in the United States} That’s what it says- – -honest! Check me out, try this link:

  • Droford

    The only people who care about this now are on the left and want to use the argument to stop the only candidates who stand a chance vs their Candidates. Also as revenge for the 8 years of birthers going after Obama.

  • Debsiew

    I pray that the people listen and act for the highest good of America and the world… wherever in the world we reside, we are affected by your choice…

  • George Wallace

    “I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz to become the first Hispanic president”

    Ted Cruz is White, but apparently he’s good enough for the loon’s racial cuckolding fetish.

    • TheWarriorJoshua

      Um, Ted Cruz’s father is Cuban. In other words, Hispanic.

      • George Wallace

        Um, Ted Cruz is of Spanish decent on his paternal side (600k Spaniards immigrated to Cuba in 1800’s) and Irish (and maybe other) on his maternal side. “Hispanic” is not a race, Ted Cruz = White. You’re post is just stupid, you didn’t disprove anything.

  • Maniac

    Very nicely said Glenn! Ignore the ignorant comments below. You’ll know the ones I mean because there will be swearing, name-calling and crappy cartoons (kinda like something Trump would do or say).

  • Joe Smith

    First ever? Didn’t he endorse Romney last election? Beck naturally gravitates towards losers he can’t help himself it’s naturally ingrained in his DNA like alcoholism.

  • Joe Smith

    Did Beck cry yet? You know it’s coming. Beck has more estrogen flowing through his system then the women on the view.

  • Overt Obvious Liberal Plant
  • mdsm777

    And it will never be litigated because the statute is clear. It has no standing to go to court. Deal with it. Maybe Trump should get a declarative judgement that he’s not another Benito Mussolini….lol

  • Real Politics

    wake up a natural born citizen is any one born to an American regardless of where that might be don’t be a pin head they have decided that over 100 years ago not to mention Cruz is a constitutional lawyer I will trust his word over Trumps and just so you trolls don’t come up with some other crap a billionaires lawyers looked at it and found that he was able to run and I’m pretty sure a billionaires lawyers are lets say top of the line and that billionaires name is DONALD J TRUMP if there were problems trump would have known about it months and he would have said something then but he started losing in Iowa so he slug mud just to cast a doubt all the time knowing Ted Cruz was a natural born citizen and your a sucker you must have voted for obama

  • jb

    Deportations… then he let’s the good ones back in.
    Oh wait — he’ll cut out the middle thing — deportations — and be as good as done.

  • jb

    So u want to dictate where an American born woman can birth her child?
    That’s a war on women.

  • jb

    don’t watch this vid — u will start to unravel

  • kris williamson

    Unstumpable you are really wrong the Catholic Church did not become Israel
    Read the Bible

  • Droford

    Anyone on the right who wants to use the birthers argument on their own candidates after 8 years of Obama is a fool.

  • kris williamson

    Seen the pictures of trumpeting soviet medals on
    Putin praised trump trump praised Putin
    Trump reads hitler materislnd trump is German and his father was kuklux klan
    Maybe trump should go back to Germany oh that’s right they lied about being German changed their name said they were sweden

  • Apex Gaming

  • kris williamson

    Asdad killed 250,000 syrians

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