It’s Time for America to Unite Behind Ted Cruz

The establishment in D.C. — and the media, for that matter — just don’t get it. They have theirs and, quite frankly, could care less about you and your family.

Ted Cruz had great results on Super Tuesday, with definitive wins in Alaska, Oklahoma and Texas. The actual delegate numbers as of now are Trump 285, Cruz 161, Rubio 87, Kasich 25 and Carson 8. This is truly a two-man race. And it is time for everyone to get out of their dream world and recognize this. Every candidate without a mathematical path to victory must get out and unite behind one candidate.

The establishment wants Marco Rubio to be that guy because he has played in the government. He’s become one of them, and the elites in Washington have no intention of changing the status quo. But Marco Rubio has become part of the problem, entrenched with the establishment.

If you’ve ever been to Washington, D.C., you know the architecture of the buildings. These guys go to work every day in historic buildings and say, ‘Dig me. Look how important I am.’ And some people in the government actually believe, ‘This is never going away. We’ll never lose this. We’ve been through worse times than this.’ No, we haven’t. Nineteen trillion dollars in debt? No, we haven’t. The public as angry as they are now? No, we haven’t. The only other time it’s been like this was the Civil War. You couple the Civil War with $19 trillion in debt, and it doesn’t last.

I heard on Fox News this morning, and I think it was in Oklahoma and Texas, people voted for Cruz because they want an outsider because the government doesn’t work. And at Fox News, of all places, they said, ‘Well, that’s crazy because he’s part of the government.’ No, he’s not part of the government as people understand it. He is fighting the government, as people understand it.

As an “outsider,” if Ted Cruz were to get out of the race, many of his voters and numbers would go to Donald Trump, the other “outsider.” Nobody is saying that about Marco Rubio. The vast majority of Rubio’s votes would go to Cruz.

Here’s the way to do it: Ted Cruz should request a meeting with them. (They won’t meet with him because they’re all too egotistical right now. They all believe that they’re somehow or another going to pull this miracle off.) Ted Cruz should offer them — either in a private meeting or on the air — to make Marco Rubio his vice president. He should offer to make Ben Carson my HHS person or his Surgeon General. He should offer to make Rand Paul his Treasury Secretary. But, the point is, he should say we’re going to move together as one. Because together as one, we can change the world.

For the good of the nation, for those people who say that Trump cannot be the president, Marco Rubio needs to get out of the race. Ted Cruz is the only one that can beat Donald Trump, and he’s the only one that will beat Hillary Clinton. And that’s not me — those are the polls.

The candidates and the establishment need to put the people ahead of their own wants and desires. They need to put the right thing for our nation ahead of their own needs and desires. And that’s really hard to do. It takes a man of great character to do it.

As I sit in Washington, D.C., I can see the skyline. I’ll bet most people don’t even know why this isn’t a huge skyline. Everything is so expensive in Washington, D.C., and you know how to reduce the costs? You build taller buildings. So, why don’t they build taller buildings in Washington, D.C.? It’s the Washington Monument.

The buildings in D.C. are low because of the monument to George Washington. This man and his integrity, his love of country and his willingness to serve his entire life at his own expense must be remembered and must be honored. And so we don’t let any of the buildings pass the height of the Washington Monument.

But that lesson is forgotten. Too many people don’t look to the giants of the past and say, ‘This is really about serving people. This is about the people who are struggling every single day. This is about those people that in the winter have a house and put a blanket across the hallway because they can’t afford to heat the whole house.’

We have to start thinking about those people, not the people who are in limousines, not the people who are flying on their private jets, not the people who are going to make it.

If the GOP wants to survive, they better start moving as one.

Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump. If ‘We, the People’ move as one and unite behind Ted Cruz, he can beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He’s the only one who can — and the American people are the only ones who can put him in that position. Because the Washington elite and the government just don’t get it.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

Featured Image: A rainbow appears over the Washington Monument during a brief shower as the early morning sun rises, on February 25, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

  • Monet

    The guy couldn’t even break 50% in his home state, which means more than half of Texans don’t want him to be president, who needs this loser.

    • Andrea Camisa

      If the others, namely Rubio, would drop out- he would easily pick up 50% there. He’s the only way to stop Trump. Rubio should take the Vice Presidency for so many reasons: 1. Cruz will be an effective president with a booming economy and Rubio will be able to take a leadership role to assist this 2. One of Rubio’s cons is that he is young and inexperienced (i will give it to him that he is good with national security information) A VP run would set him up perfectly for a chance to the Presidency in another 4 or 8 years.

      • Deb54

        That’s totally correct!! Cruz 2016!!! NeverTrump

    • Siding WithConservatives

      America needs this ‘loser’ even if America doesn’t deserve this ‘loser’. God have mercy on America!

  • Ron Swanson

    The GOP Establishment is desperate to hold on to it’s power. They know Cruz is the best bet, but they hate him much worse than they hate Hillary or Trump.

    • Bill

      Why do they hate Cruz? Cruz can be bought and paid for. I mean Goldman Sachs and Citibank to name two bought him. He even didn’t vote to audit the fed which if it had been audited would of hurt his bank friends.

      • Siding WithConservatives

        News articles please?

        • Bill

          For what? The fact that they loaned him money for his campaign he didn’t report? His wife works for them? How about the fact he didn’t vote for the passable audit the fed bill because he was too busy? He did try to stop Obamacare when there was no chance. I guess he built his whole case on that. Easy to say you did what you said you would when you actually don’t do anything.

          • Siding WithConservatives

            Not that I am admitting anything you are saying is true, if I spent my time looking for your ultimate infallible candidate, the one who is without sin and clean of any past actions that are held against him or her, not even Jesus Christ would satisfy you. I am sure you would find fault with Him as well…… if you want to burrow through the news to find minor seemingly irrelevant past circumstances in the lives of candidates, you have a lifetime of searching ahead of you.

            Cruz is an honest and humble man. Who else has apologized to other candidates during this election cycle? If you are of a moral persuasion other than Christianity, it is unlikely you and I will agree at all. In these elections, one has to have some ability to see the forest through the trees. If Trump is your man based on what you are saying above about Cruz, you are blind to Trump’s endless list of problems.

    • BlueMN

      That probably had something to do with his shutdown of the government, a publicity stunt that cost taxpayers $12 billion and accomplished nothing but the stoking of Tricky Ted’s ego. Kasich and Rubio do better in polls vs HRC or Sanders, only Trump does worse than Cruz.

  • Peter Fields

    Trump won but only was 11 delagates above Cruz. In my opinion, this is not a runaway

  • Restrained Freedom

    From your lips to God’s ears…

  • Deb54

    YES!!! We do the blanket thing across the hall to conserve energy so we don’t have to choose between heat or grocery’s. You are right Glenn Beck. There are some huge ego’s out there, and it is time to unite behind Ted Cruz. He got my vote yesterday. He will be written in if I have to.

  • Jim Crotty

    This is a great idea. But, it’s a pipe dream. The elites have inflated Rubio’s head so much he believes the nonsense he says. However, we can petition The Lord day and night to change hearts and minds.

  • Phil Clarke

    I completely agree that conservatives need to get behind Sen. Cruz, and that Marco Rubio would be a great choice for Vice President – if Sen. Rubio drops out of the race, I strongly believe Cruz wins over Trump. pc

  • Brad Bayles

    I agree 100%, the only way to stop Trump is a Cruz/Rubio ticket. You add Rubio’s numbers to Cruz and they beat Trump and will beat Hillary in a general election. I honestly do not get conservatives voting for Trump, he’s just as progressive as Hillary. Wanting change just for the sake of change, whether it’s good or bad, will destroy our country. Remember, almost 8 years ago Obama promised change also, look where that got us. If we end up with a Clinton vs. Trump election, I will write in Ted Cruz. I cannot have the guilt of voting for Hillary or Trump on my conscience.

  • Bill

    Glenn are these the same types of polls Ted Cruz did in Texas before the Gang of 8 bill? You know the ones that he used to decide if he should support citizenship or legalization?

  • JosephinaAngelina

    Thank you, Glenn. From your keyboard to God’s monitor – and the monitors of the Rubio, Kasich, and Carson campaigns!

  • Dr. Travis J Hedrick
  • Dr. Travis J Hedrick

    Trump anytime someone questions his past or his record! Biff Trump!

  • Dr. Travis J Hedrick

    The “Future” with a Trump presidency!

    America is not Trump’s stepping-stone for his future!

  • Ollie in Seattle

    Looks like Glenn is in the Bargaining stage…


    After the fires of anger have been blow out, the next stage is a desperate round of bargaining, seeking ways to avoid having the bad thing happen. Bargaining is thus a vain expression of hope that the bad news is reversible.

    Bargaining in illness includes seeking alternatives. In organizations, it includes offering to work for less money (or even none!), offering to do alternative work or be demoted down the hierarchy. One’s loyalties, debts and dependents may be paraded as evidence of the essentially of being saved.


    When people are bargaining, you should not offer them any false hope. Although there may be practical things they can do which you can offer them, never offer them something that cannot be fulfilled.

    Sometimes the best you can do at this stage is point even more at the inevitable, even though this may well tip them into depression (which may well be a necessary move).

    When they are in a bargaining mood, sometimes there are things you can offer them, such as support for change or new opportunities. In these cases you may be able to strike a win-win deal, where they get an improved deal and you get collaboration or some other contribution. In a business setting, this may include finishing off some important work before they leave and receiving a special bonus for doing so.

  • Something Is Wrong

    Refusing to acknowledge or validate the concerns and desires of people to not have another politician at all is only helping strengthen Trump by driving all who feel in such a way (and there’s a lot of them) to Trump because he looks like the only chance to get that strong desire fulfilled. The funny thing is that Glenn himself has spent years building up and supporting this sentiment himself. Continuing to preach Ted Cruz is only helping Trump. Glenn should have backed Carson and should now be backing Carson as he has the desired stance on the Constitution, the morals and ethics, the personal history of serving others over himself, and the fact that he is most definitely not a politician. The current message just pushes people to one side or another, guaranteeing that none of the Trump supporters will change their minds. Instead, offer an alternative in Carson that fulfills what draws people to Trump and also fulfills what people are looking for in Cruz. I know it sounds backwards if all you look at is the numbers (which is apparently all Glenn is doing now), but the solution is to have Cruz back Carson and to start working a Carson/Cruz ticket. Not only will Carson carry Cruz’s numbers, but he will also actually stand a good chance of reducing Trump’s numbers. In fact, he’s the only one who does stand a chance at reducing Trump’s numbers, he’s just not picking them up because people want to vote for who they think can win and when he isn’t being ignored by the Media, the message is constantly that he just can’t win so don’t vote for him. The current course or even Glenn’s prescribed course will only ensure a Trump victory. Glenn says to do the math, but the math says Trump is going to win. Ted Cruz squeezing out his own state with its sizeable number of delegates, which should have been a cake walk for him, isn’t really a big accomplishment or one that should indicate future ability to win.

  • B. Appel

    I have a message for those conservatives here and everywhere that are planning to vote for Donald Trump:

    Dear Trump supporter: if you will actually listen to these words, I hope they reach your intellect and are not blocked by your emotions. What I hear you say is very TRUE, “We have had enough of the Washington politicians.” Why? Because MOST (and I stress, MOST) promise to do the things we want them to do (like build a wall, enforce immigration laws, follow the constitution, repeal Obamacare, etc) and then go to DC and get sucked into the establishment and break their promises. Or worse, pretend to honor them with sham votes (McConnell is famous for this). So I totally understand and SHARE your frustrations – as a conservative and constitutionalist, I have come to LOATHE the DC GOP establishment. I take great pride in harassing my local establishment Republicans for being RINOs and trying to hold their feet to the fire (they don’t like it when I do this :-)).

    So why, then, do I support Ted Cruz? Because he is the one politician (four years’ worth only) who has actually DONE what HE PROMISED TO DO! He has stood by his principles and his promises, and as you can imagine, that doesn’t make you many friends in the DC establishment. So while you are right to be angry with the way both parties have sold this nation down the river, I implore you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater! Cruz has proven that he will fight for us and our principles. In short, he is the kind of politician we want all the rest of our representatives to be – a man of his word, a constitutionalist and a man of unshakable principles.

    Trump has caught the wave of anti-establishment feeling and is riding it extremely well. And I wish I could trust that he is the person he claims to be. But when I look at his history, his changing positions (sometimes day to day), his nasty personal attacks on people he disagrees with, and his lack of apparent devotion to constitutional principles, I worry tremendously that he is USING our collective frustration with DC to sell us a bill of goods. Look at their respective histories and honestly search for the answer to this: which of these two can you trust to honor his word? I’ve seen Trump say one thing to a reporter and deny saying it on the debate stage a week later (on video!); I’ve also watched Cruz stand up to his party, again and again, in order to stand with the people who elected him. It hasn’t made him friends in DC, but it has out here in the country. It has also earned the respect of those who are now supporting him, and I sincerely ask you to consider the above. We can’t afford to get this election wrong, and we have our best chance since Reagan to get it right with Cruz. God bless!

  • Cody Erdmann

    why wouldnt you vote for Trump?

  • Trey Mays

    Glenn, have you called up Ted Cruz and given him your suggestion of unity?

  • Howard H. Wemple

    I’m sorry people, but you have to get your collective heads out of your asses. If “We the People” do not get behind Ted Cruz (who has done more to preserve and protect the Constitution than ANYONE else), Rubio and the other delusional entrenched elite Republicans will guarantee Trump’s ascendance.

  • sqjchurch

    If you don’t get behind Ted…

    he’ll create a Photoshop fake of you shaking hands with Obama….and then a video of your “attacking” the Bible…..

    cuz he’s such a good Christian.

  • Darla Gabaldon

    prove his citizenship according to the constitution he IS NOT A CITIZEN THE CONSTITUTION CLEARLY STATES THAT HE IS A CITIZEN OF HIS FATHER NOT MOTHER THEREFORE HE IS A CITIZEN OF CANADA as americans we need to take our country back they allowed obama to be elected (not by the people) by forgery not just illegal voting but a gake birth certificate fake social security number fake children man posing as a woman for a wife i am not saying all this is cruz i am saying we have to take america back and do as our founding fathers wanted and that was no foreigner could be president of the usa this includes rubio even though he was born in usa his father is a cuban therefore he is a cuban not american vote trump 2016 at least HE IS A TRUE AMERICAN

  • donnaangel

    Glenn, as far as the idea of Ted Cruz compromising and teaming up with Marco Rubio for the same ticket NO WAY! Surely we are not that desperate to win no matter what are we? Especially given the fact that Rubio voted for the Patriot Act, the NDAA, wants illegal amnesty and continuously lies about it. And, last but certainly not least, Rubio didn’t bother showing up to cast a vote for the omnibus bill which fully funds Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. By his silence of thinking this critical legislation was not worthy of his time or his vote says it all! He needs to go! As such, why would a man of valor and demonstrated integrity like Ted Cruz want to team up with a man who lies and has thrown the American people under the bus time and time again and has also shredded our US constitution to advance the globalist agenda?

  • Deb54

    LOL, funny! I agree, Cruz resembles him a little, but I can laugh at this and still vote for him! Cruz 2106!!!

  • Siding WithConservatives

    Yes vote for Cruz. May the Lord be merciful to America!

  • BlueMN
  • BlueMN

    Great clip from Glenn Beck’s film “St Nicholas: The Immortal.” Also based on a dream he had.

  • Siding WithConservatives

    Go Cruz go!

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