The Context
Alexsandr Dugin is a far right fascist who is sowing the seeds of chaos and revolution around the world. He is a close adviser to Vladimir Putin and is doing whatever he can to make sure Putin or someone like him rises from the ashes. Dugin believes Hitler was on the right track, but didn’t go far enough. And he just gave a glowing endorsement to Donald Trump.

Rise of the Far Right in Europe
The economic crash in 2008 did a lot more harm in Europe than most Americans realize. There was such discontent that the far right began to rise up with groups like the Golden Dawn party in Greece. This far right movement needed a scapegoat to further their cause, so who did they choose?

“They hated the immigrants. They hated those people that were taking the jobs away, that had come into their country illegally,” Glenn said on radio Thursday.

Sound familiar?

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

Not Exactly an Endorsement You’d Go After
For Donald Trump, there has been no such thing as bad press, but this type of endorsement is not something you’d hope for. Dugin gave a speech in English after Super Tuesday 2 the other day, which is significant. He typically gives his speeches in Russian, but he wanted to make sure America heard him.

“Trump is the voice of the real right-wing in America, which in effect, doesn’t care about foreign policy and American hegemony,” Dugin said. “It only cares about the Second Amendment and the good old traditions of the single-storied or at least two-storied America: A predictable way of life on the range and expressing freedom wherever they like, but not how the liberals describe it. It shows that America is on the brink of a revolution, especially if the elite won’t give the power to people.”

Glenn spoke about how this thinking actually fits in with the Trump movement and their inflammatory rhetoric as of late.

“This new nationalist progressivism on the right is also saying that riots aren’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s going to be 1968 all over again this summer. And the idea is to use hatred to shatter western governments,” Glenn said.

The Antidote
Nothing has slowed Trump yet in any significant way, but if there is any hope to bring America back from the brink, we can’t give in to hate.

“Marco Rubio, when he quit the other day, was spot-on. He said to the American people: ‘We must not give in to fear. We must not give in to hatred.’ He said — and I quote — ‘It may be too late for Europe, but it’s not too late for us. If the candidate you’re voting for rose to the top by making you feel angry, gave you a scapegoat to hate along the way, we must now take a step and calm down,'” Glenn said.

People like Donald Trump and Aleksandr Dugin are banking on another outcome.

“People like Dugin and Trump are counting on the fact that cooler heads will not prevail. They are counting on the fact that we will not listen to reason. They are counting on the fact that we will not learn from history,” Glenn said.

Common Sense Bottom Line
We are on the precipice of either turning back to our founding documents and preserving the republic, or revolution.

“Every empire comes to this point. Every great nation comes to this point. And every great nation fails to pass the test,” Glenn said. “Will we now be remembered as the people that saved the greatest nation ever in the history of the world, or will we be remembered as the people who had it within our grasp, but because we were angry, we let it slip away?”

As Ronald Reagan said, it truly is “a time for choosing,” it’s up to us as a people to choose what the outcome will be.

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