What will lessen people’s fears and put them at ease about the future? Freedom.

People understand freedom. In fact, they love and crave it. But when there’s a wolf hiding around every corner, people are willing to trade their freedom for security. Wednesday on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn talked about Ted Cruz’s “Five for Freedom” plan and how unleashing it will give people both the freedom and security they crave.


#1 Abolish the IRS
“Imagine how much time you save and everyone saves. There’re no more payroll taxes. No more payroll taxes. All that money that you paid in and you might have gotten a refund, you get that all year long,” Glenn said.

With decreased costs for business, not only will the businesses have a stronger bottom line, they will create more jobs in the process.

“Here’s the amazing thing, if all these companies are able to spend 25 percent of their revenue less in taxes, there’s going to be a lot of available jobs for people,” said co-host Stu Burguiere.

#2 Abolish the Department of Education
An honest assessment of a federal education system shows it lacking in many areas. Before the Department of Education was created in the 1970s, education was managed at the local level — returning to that system is the answer.

“So imagine we don’t have to deal with with all of the nut stuff that we’re dealing with from the federal government. And you have control at the local level of your school. You think your schools get better or worse? Our schools get better, which means our children will be better educated to face what’s coming tomorrow,” Glenn said.

#3 Abolish the Department of Energy
Regulation adds layers of bureaucracy, significant costs, and wastes time and resources.

“Department of Energy. Cut off the Washington cartel, stop picking winners and losers, and unleash an energy renaissance,” Glenn said.

#4 Abolish the Department of Commerce
Cruz actually worked at the Department of Commerce as an attorney. What bothered him every day when he walked into the office?

There are two statues at the Department of Commerce that most people walk by every day without knowing what they represent.

“Ted Cruz is the first person who I’ve ever met who knows what that means,” Glenn said.

Put there during the Great Depression when the Department of Commerce opened is a statue with a powerful, muscular horse. On its back and holding the reigns is a man. What do they represent? The horse represents the free market, and the man holding the reigns represents the government.

What right does government have to hold business back?

Cruz told Glenn, “It drove me nuts walking through the door every day and seeing that thing.”

#5 Abolish the Department of Housing and Urban Development
Abolishing HUD will offer real solutions to lift people out of hardship, rather than trapping families in a cycle of poverty. It would empower Americans by promoting the dignity of work. Reforming programs such as Section 8 housing would also help.

“You want to transform America? That’s it. That’s it,” Glenn said.

Featured Image: US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz addresses a rally at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center on April 11, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo Credit: BILL WECHTER/AFP/Getty Images)