In a politically charged point in our history, it’s not uncommon to compare extreme ideologies to fascism and its poster boy Adolf Hitler. This is usually a controversial tactic and pretty much never funny. But Monday on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn talked about a mockumentary on Netflix that might be the exception to the rule.

“The premise of this movie is a filmmaker is out making this really bad film, I think it’s about soccer or something, and he’s making this really bad, bad film. He works at a television station and he’s fired because he’s just not making it,” Glenn said.

So how exactly can Hitler be funny? Bringing him back to life in modern-day Germany seems to do the trick.

“He’s out in this park in Berlin. The park happens to be the part where Hitler’s bunker was, and he zooms in on the film, and he sees a guy get up out of the bushes and dust himself off. And it’s Adolf Hitler.”

Without giving too much away, this filmmaker goes back to the park and finds Hitler and takes him around Germany speaking with the people. They think he’s just a character and the “real” Hitler becomes the funniest man in the country.

This is the description of the movie on Netflix:

People begin to think he’s a comedian and he becomes the biggest comedian in all of Germany. Until he does one thing wrong: Hitler crosses the line.

“I’m going to just leave it at that,” Glenn said. “But you have to watch it because the last 20 minutes, you begin to see us and all of the western world. And that’s why it was, you know, obviously that’s what it’s made for,” Glenn said.

The movie, based on a book written in 2012, points a finger at our broken system. It speaks to what Glenn has been warning about for years. That is, things get so bad, people begin to look for someone — anyone — who can just stop the crazy and get things done.

“I posted this last night,” Glenn said, “And immediately the Trumpeters are like, ‘Oh, you’re calling him…’ shut up.”

While it’s not for everyone, the movie provides an insightful commentary on the world today.

“I’ve kind of got a personal rule that I don’t read my movies,” Co-host Pat said. “I might break that rule.”

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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