One of Glenn’s favorite people joined The Glenn Beck Program on Friday. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, whose weekly radio podcast on has 6.5 million monthly downloads, stopped by to discuss the migrant crisis, America’s special place in the world and the mind-blowing fact that he’s boarded the Trump train.

On Voting for Trump or Hillary
“Does there ever come a point when the evil is too much? The evil on both sides? It’s like, I can’t do it,” Glenn asked.

“I don’t think so,” Rabbi Lain replied. “And I say this with considerable more than respect, a deep admiration for the peril in which you placed your entire career and your enterprise in the incredibly courageous stand you took in politics over the last few months. I truly believe that the history books in the future will speak of this election and identify you as perhaps the only business professional, the only media businessperson who has ever put his integrity on the line like that, and stuck to principle.”

He continued.

“With that, look. I don’t think that we’re on a Carnival Cruise line. I think we’re on a sinking ship. And what we’re looking at are two life boats. And there are only two life boats, and each one will be able to take us all, but one of them, as I look at it, has holes in the hull. Now, the other one has a canvas cover, and you’ve got to make up your mind which to go on. The boat is going down. You’ve got to go with one of them. Please don’t think that Carnival Cruise lines is showing up on the horizon to pick you up. And that’s what we have here.”

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On Refugee Migration
“They’re moving strongly on Europe, and I’ve heard say, you know, Europe’s not going to defend itself, nor can it,” Glenn said.

“It lacks both the capacity and the will, and, you know, again, it’s a complete collapse of any traditional Judeo-Christian sense of morality. The very notion that bringing in migrants is somehow a manifestation of your virtue is such a pathological failure of all sense of survival, all sense of morality. I’m trying to get you to confront a very painful reality. This is a rough world. Sometimes things do not always have a happy ending. Do you take the migrants into your lifeboat and sink everybody? Or do you have to very sadly say, the guys who are already in the lifeboat have priority? It’s a tough question. But you do have to confront it,” Rabbi Lapin said.

On the Pathology of Socialism
“I had some hope. Now, you kind of look at things and you think, well, there is no truth. We’re denying physical reality. ‘Yeah, you feel like a girl? Oh, yes, ma’am.’ We’re denying physical reality. I think we’re not even looking for the truth anymore. The truth is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. So when you say, ‘Hey, are you going to take the sinking ship, are you going to sink the lifeboat?’ Well, there’s no critical thinking,” Glenn said.

“And it is painful. I can see that, but you’ve got to remember, the left absolutely hates the idea that culture makes a difference in people. One of the foundational rock-solid principles and defending the pathology of socialism is that everybody’s exactly the same. So if you say something, let’s see, there’s likely to be a more comfortable adjustment if we bring in 500,000 Swedes to live in Germany or 500,000 people from north Africa? Could there possibly be a difference? Is it possible that people from a Christian background might integrate more comfortably into Lutheran Germany than people from a Muslim background? Now, that is a completely verboten question to even ask,” Rabbi Lapin said.

On the Biblical Principle of Cleanliness
“More households own a Bible in America than anywhere else in the industrialized world, except for Israel. So Israel and America naturally are the focus of the fury of the culture of the Koran, and one of the differences is that it is a Biblical value to celebrate cleanliness and hygiene. Water-borne sewage was invented in a Christian culture. There are many parts of the world that still haven’t bought into the concept. But by and large, when this was weighed up, when the culture of the Koran and many other parts of the world had an opportunity to weigh up what the west had achieved, they said, ‘You know what? I think we’re going to make bathrooms in Bombay and Beijing and Bangkok resemble bathrooms in Boston and Birmingham. That’s really what we’re going to do. Because you know what? You guys got it right. To be surrounded by your own bodily waste is really not a great idea.’ It’s a genius concept. And this is a concept that comes from Biblical western thinking. And the opposite of that is reveling in filth and ugliness. It’s not an accident that modern art in America, what has that become? You remember a horrible piece, you’ll pardon me, ‘art,’ called Piss Christ?” Rabbi Lapin said.

“And Virgin Mary in dung,” Glenn added.

“And the Brooklyn Art Museum. What is their focus and their obsession on bodily waste? It is the triumph of barbarism of western civilization,” Rabbi Lapin said.

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