Conspiracy Theories Debunked: UN Not Invading US, Water Not Turning Frogs Gay

Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn set the record straight on an image that went viral of UN vehicles seen in the state of Virginia. Researchers at TheBlaze looked into what the vehicles were doing and why they were in Virginia.

“We can’t post photos and just assume the worst . . . here’s what I got back yesterday around noon,” Glenn said.

Glenn, here’s what we have. The MRAPs are made in Virginia. This model is the Pit-Bull VX. A Ford vehicle modified by Alpine Armoring, Inc. You’ll never guess where these are manufactured. Virginia. Alpine has the DOD, U.S. government, and UN contracts. Ford uses a company called Ford Fleet Sales to sell these worldwide.@I found this and found this order February 16th, 2016. It is in the amount of $13.4 million for Ford trans vehicles in different body configurations. This is the company that builds them, and they use this company to ship them outside continental United States, which means there is no way this shipment is for anything within the U.S. This is a very high probability of being that shipment. Putting in a request to the company to verify. But if this indeed it, which it looks like it is, this debunks the conspiracy theory on it.

Co-host Pat Gray wasn’t quite ready to let the moment pass.

“The UN’s invading the United States! The United Nations invaded Virginia! Run for your lives! The UN is coming! The UN is coming. Scary!” Pat chimed in.

PHOTOS: UN Military Vehicles Seen Rolling Down Virginia Interstate

Glenn pointed out that we face enough challenges without adding fuel to the fire. But did he miss the most critical conspiracy theory of all?

“I will say you’re not addressing the issue of the water turning all the frogs gay,” Co-host Stu Burguiere said.

“I haven’t heard that the water is turning . . . what is this? The latest conspiracy theory? The water turning the frogs gay?” Glenn asked.

Listen to this segment beginning at mark 42:10 from The Glenn Beck Program:

Featured Image: Irish members from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) sit in an armoured personnel carrier as they maneuver, near the border of Syrian territory, close to the town of Buqaata in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights on August 31, 2014. Heavy fighting between Syrian government troops and opposition forces flowed into the buffer zone separating Syrian and Israeli-occupied territory at the weekend. Dozens of Filipino UN peacekeepers escaped the hot zone overnight after rebels rammed their Golan Heights outpost with armed trucks, the Philippine military said. (Photo Credit: MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images)