Still on the road in sunny California, Glenn had the opportunity yesterday afternoon to speak with a few hundred young liberals. While most would not have normally crossed the street to meet him, they were very attentive, civil — and there may have been a breakthrough.

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“We’re in this unbelievable screening room. It looked like one of the nicest theaters I’ve ever been in, but it was a screening room, and I walk in the back door onto the little stage area, looking at this. I’m, like, wow are you guys living in a bubble? This is sweet. And I sit down, and they start asking questions,” Glenn said.

One line of questioning was very telling.

“There is disenfranchisement on both sides. And it was really interesting because several of the questions revolved around this. One of them clearly stated this, and the other ones were kind of hinting around this: What happens if I can’t pull the lever for Hillary Clinton? Does that mean I’m responsible for electing Donald Trump?

The irony wasn’t lost on Glenn.

“I just, I mean, I wanted to laugh. I’m, like, boy, I’ve heard this conversation before, except it’s on the other side,” Glenn said.

One thing struck Glenn during his time with the group: There is a unique opportunity to have a real, issues-based conversation.

“We talked about gun control, we talked about abortion, we talked about everything, and we did it peacefully, respectfully, quietly. It was a fascinating,” Glenn said. “They were all sitting on the edge of their seats, and they were really, truly trying to listen and understand.”

Glenn’s common sense perspective seemed to resonate and, perhaps, break down some barriers — or at the very least, allow people to consider things from a different angle.

On the issue of gun control, Glenn explained why the only way to change the stance on guns is through a constitutional amendment. When one audience member suggested laws to curtail and control gun usage, Glenn detailed why that would never sit well with conservatives or solve what’s perceived to be the problem.

“You have to have a constitutional amendment. If you can get a constitutional amendment fairly, squarely, then maybe you would have a chance of solving it. But you have to do it the right way because it’s in [the Constitution]. I warn you, like prohibition, you might be able to get it through, but it will reverse itself quickly,” Glenn said.

On the issue of abortion, Glenn explained why those on the side of life cannot compromise, comparing a life in the womb to a life in a Jewish concentration camp.

“We can’t compromise because those of us who believe in life believe that it is a human life. So it’s the weakest among us, and we have to stand,” Glenn said.

While we may disagree on specific issues, if we stop trying to control each others’ lives, those issues, for the most part, become irrelevant.

“When it comes to bathrooms and gay marriage, we can argue back and forth, but the argument means nothing if you having gay marriage doesn’t affect in any way my marriage or my faith or my church,” Glenn said. “If I don’t have to perform gay marriage, if I don’t have to bake a wedding cake, if my faith says you can’t get involved in that, you can’t force me. Just like I can’t force you not to get into marriage.”

Glenn explained one aspect of marriage which he said had “scales falling off of their eyes.” He asked if anyone knew why we even have marriage licenses — nobody raised their hand.

“We have a marriage license because Progressives wanted to make sure blacks and whites never mixed races. We have a blood test to keep the undesirables from breeding. That’s all nonsense. That’s all eugenics. So why are we arguing over marriage licenses?” Glenn asked.

Many seemed to really understand what Glenn was trying to say: Stop arguing nonsense and stick to your principles.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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