It’s appalling. It’s sickening. It’s racist. It’s the pool safety poster from the American Red Cross.

“Don’t look directly at it,” Co-host Pat Gray warned.

An outdated poster intended to inform children about pool safety has at long last been called out by the PC police.

“Thankfully some parent found and saw this . . . not at one, but at two separate pools,” Co-host Stu Burguiere said.

The poster depicts children of different colors around and in a local pool, doing things that are either deemed “cool” or “not cool.”

“For example, if you’re standing in there nicely, you might have an arrow at you that says ‘cool.’ If there’s one posted where you are running on the pool deck, the arrow says ‘not cool.'” Stu explained.

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Unfortunately, whoever designed the poster must have been a racist since the “cool” arrows mostly point to white kids and the “not cool” arrows point to black kids. Thankfully, the American Red Cross has pulled the poster to develop new, more sensitive materials. In the meantime, Stu stepped up to perform a civic duty, redesigning the existing poster to meet the expectations of a PC crowd.

Behold, the before and after posters:


“I have the new one where it’s showing a girl, she’s white, holding the head of a minority child under water. And then I have a black kid on a diving board, and he’s saving a child. The lifeguard who is a white guy . . . the arrow says “just a douche,” Glenn described.

Notably, the new poster also features the very first minority transgendered astronaut.

Also of note, the first “racist” poster includes both white and black kids doing “cool” and “not cool” things.

“I mean . . . who sees these things? Only if you live your life to be offended by others do you see these types of things. Only if you live your life just searching constantly to be antagonized,” Stu said.

“What percentage of Americans are doing that now?” Glenn asked.

“With social media, it feels like 100 percent. I can’t imagine it is, but that is what the internet has turned out to be. We have all of this amazing technology with all the access to every piece of information that is known to man and yet what we do is use it to be offended by a pool poster. It’s incredible, incredible,” Stu said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

Featured Image: Courtesy of the American Red Cross and Stu Burguiere