Lyrics of strength and unity kick off The Glenn Beck Program as the powerful theme song, “We Are One,” plays each morning.

A beautiful music video was just released to accompany the inspirational theme song.

Songwriter David Osmond joined Jenn Blosil and a group of singers of diverse beliefs and values to record the song.

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Together they sang:

I know we don’t see

Everything in the same way

But I know we won’t be

Really free if we don’t stay united

I will make a stand

I will raise my voice

I will hold your hand

Cause We Are One

The video features people from countries all across the world who believe in standing together. The music video also shows behind the scenes of the musicians and singers involved in the recording project.

“If we don’t pull ourselves together, and remember who we really are, together, we’re not going to make it,” Glenn said.

Osmond’s song and video beautifully reflect Glenn’s fervent belief in a united people that stand behind good principles.

Featured Image: Screen shot from JW Player