Patriot and best-selling author Brad Thor returned to The Glenn Beck Program following an interview on Wednesday that left him on life support with Glenn and his co-hosts.

“Brad, we wanted to have you on the air because we wanted . . . I wanted to apologize. The guys want to hit you in the head with your Brad Thor hammer,” Glenn said.

Notwithstanding the threat of violence, there was one point everyone could agree on.

“Here’s the thing, this is such an awful election,” Co-host Pat Gray said. “It’s a tremendously terrible choice we face, and there’s no good option. And so I’m sure millions of people are going through just what you went through when you wrote your rethinking article.”

Thor’s article outlined his belief that the country has cancer and two terrible options as so-called drugs. He shared another analogy on radio that many can likely relate to.

“Listen, I’m on the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross scale of grief. The five steps of grief, okay? I have gone all the way from denial to anger, and now I’m in bargaining. And I know depression and acceptance are going to happen. Acceptance is going to happen on the morning of November 9th. We don’t get a good president,” Thor said.

Glenn agreed wholeheartedly and then offered a dose of hope.

“How many of us really believed in 2011, if Barack Obama is elected to another term, we may not have an election by 2016, that we will never be able to turn this around? We’ve survived Barack Obama. We’ve survived Barack Obama,” Glenn said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

Featured Image: Brad Thor, best-selling author of Foreign Agent