In 1893, just blocks from where Walt Disney’s father helped build the Chicago World’s Fair, another construction project was underway. A hotel nearly a city block long that would be home to the first known American serial killer — H.H.Holmes.

“I’m in production for a new show that starts in September on TheBlaze. It airs once a week, and it is called His Story,” Glenn announced Thursday on his radio program.

His Story will welcome viewers into a library-like setting where Glenn pulls back the curtain on some of the most famous and mysterious people in history — like H.H. Holmes.

H.H. Holmes, also known as “The Devil of White City,” built his hotel of death to lure in young women attending the World’s Fair. The word “psychotic” was coined because of him.

“If you were a single woman, he took you. And he spent all day just killing people. And he built this entire hotel with three contractors,” Glenn said.

Holmes used different contractors so no one could see the entire plan. Otherwise, they’d know what he was building.

“He built, I believe, whole gas chambers. He gassed people to death. And then he had a double deck incinerator in his basement. Looks just like the Hitler ovens. He had body chutes on all of the floors and in several of the rooms. So he would kill you, and then he would stuff your body down a chute. And you would either be put in lye and your body would dissolve, or he would incinerate the body,” Glenn said.

It’s estimated that Holmes killed upwards of 200 people.

“It could have been thousands. They have no idea how many people he killed,” Glenn said.

Other episodes will feature iconic figures like Thomas Edison, Evelyn Nesbit, Orson Welles, Toyko Rose and real stories behind names like Tesla.

Look for His Story to launch this September on TheBlaze.

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