A new season of Glenn’s TV program kicks off this week! We’ve got several exciting new formats to premiere this week and next during Glenn’s regular showtime at 5:00 p.m. ET on TheBlaze TV.

“I have been wanting to do this, really, for the last five years,” Glenn said Monday on his radio program. “This week and next week we have brand new shows, totally different than what we have done in the past.”

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The season kicks off tonight with a 9/11 special that tells the stories of two different survivors — one from the World Trade Center and one from the Pentagon.

“Two voices that you have never heard before. One is a man who was working at the Pentagon. His office, if you look at that picture of that day and you see the airplane in the side of the Pentagon, you’ll see one window right on the edge of that fuselage, and then on the other edge, you’ll see another window. That was his office. The other is an Indian man and his wife who had just started working at the World Trade Center — in separate towers — a few weeks before the attack,” Glenn explained.

Both men tell the unbelievable stories of what they experienced that day, and the little decisions that saved their lives.

Also premiering this week will be two new shows. Think Tank, a roundtable discussion of current headlines and pop culture, airs on Tuesday. His Story, features Glenn in his best storytelling mode visiting famous figures of the past. Next week the regular line-up kicks off which includes the premiere episode of Vault, a new show featuring historic artifacts and the amazing stories behind them.

Monday: 9/11 Special
Tuesday: Think Tank
Wednesday: His Story
Thursday: Live Audience Show
Friday: Best of Beck

Monday: Think Tank
Tuesday: His Story
Wednesday: Vault
Thursday: Live Audience Show
Friday: Best of Beck

“These are great new shows that I can’t wait to share with you,” Glenn said.

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Featured Image: The set of Vault, a new weekly show launching on TheBlaze TV the week of September 19, 2016.