Excerpt from Politico Off Message
Written by Glenn Thrush

Ann Coulter delights in alienating a substantial swath of the American public — Hispanics, Muslims, Jews (in one ill-advised tweet), leftists, fact-checkers, me (until I actually hung out with her) — but she hasn’t pissed off Donald Trump, and that’s all that really matters right now.

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The conservative grenade-chucker is in a unique position for someone who claims not to give a damn about influencing Great Events. “I don’t care about power. I don’t care about credit,” she told me last week for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast. But Coulter has a healthy chunk of it in 2016, thanks to her self-appointed role as the guardian of Trump’s soul on immigration, intent on keeping the GOP nominee to his old build-a-wall, kick-’em-out credo.

“I worship him like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leader’ — yes, I would die for him,” Coulter said, tongue in vague vicinity of cheek.