Excerpt from Faithwire

A powerful new short film by Israel Collective demonstrates the how people are on a mission to choose love and break the cycle of conflict in the midst of the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This battle to change hearts and minds has far more potential than any governmental ‘peace’ agreement does.

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The video features an unidentified Palestinian explaining the indoctrination their children receive growing up, but begins with the tragic story of Israeli Micah Avni. His worst fears were realized when he found out his dad was shot in the head and then viciously stabbed by a terrorist while riding a city bus. His dad was just one of many innocent civilians who were wounded by terrorists who jumped on the bus and began attacking without so much a word.

He rushed to the hospital, and watched on as doctors worked feverishly to save his dad’s life.

Just a couple beds down from his dad, doctors are working feverishly on another gravely wounded individual: the terrorist.