Excerpt from The Federalist
Written by Nicole Russell

A new Department of Homeland Security report finds the Transportation Security Agency has “not yet resolved” problems with data management and airport security cameras, as TSA doesn’t believe they are responsible for them. In an attached letter, DHS Inspector General John Roth accused TSA of “abusing its stewardship” and said it “cannot be trusted.”

While the TSA can be efficient—I flew over the holidays with my kids and went through security without a hitch—often they are not. In fact, they make travel security not just cumbersome, but ineffective. It’s time they made some significant changes to the way they implement security at airports.

In this tweet with an accompanying video, a female TSA agent pats down passenger Angela Rye in a way that’s so intimate and invasive, it seems downright absurd. Frustrated and likely humiliated, Rye begins to cry toward the end.