Glenn noted on radio a segment from his interview with Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight, premiering last night on Fox News, concerning President-elect Trump. What kind of president will Trump make? Will he reach out to all Americans, unlike his predecessor? Find out Glenn’s thoughts below.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN: On Trump, from Tucker Carlson last night.

TUCKER: What kind of president do you think Trump will make?

GLENN: I don’t know. I’m excited to see. I think the appointments that he has made, some of them are — some of them are good. Some of the things, I’m concerned about. But I haven’t said anything — or I’ve tried not to say anything negative about him since the election. I’ve tried. Unless there was something that was important to say. I want to see the man in action. We have — I gave him the same thing that I said about Barack Obama. The election is over. And we fought hard. And that’s the time to fight hard, at the primary and then the election.

Now he has to be all of our presidents and president.

TUCKER: Right.

GLENN: And the last president, I don’t feel, ever reached out to do that.

GLENN: From Tucker Carlson last night, who started his show, as he replaces Megyn Kelly on Fox at 9:00. Back in a minute.