Excerpt from The Resurgent
Written by Kira Davis

Rumors have been swirling that Caitlyn Jenner is planning to pose for a nude photo shoot in 2017 in an attempt to jumpstart his stalled reality career.

Before we go any further – please note that I will respectfully use “Caitlyn” as that is the name Bruce Jenner legally acquired. I will not refer to Caitlyn as a she…at least never as long as “she” still has a penis. Because ladies don’t have penises. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to the real exciting news.

I have no resentment for any magazine or show that wishes to profit from the natural public curiosity that comes along with the whole Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner phenomenon. While his reality show on E! failed to gain much interest, Jenner’s life in general is of course notable enough and odd enough to warrant public interest of some sort. More power to any magazine that wants a piece of Jenner’s piece.

Nor can I blame Jenner for wanting to exploit his journey thus far. After all, as part of the Kardashian reality empire, it is literally his job to stay in the public eye. Despite my own opinions of transgenderism and it’s recent bombardment of public discourse, Jenner has always seemed like a driven and kind person. I bear no ill will towards him or his personal decisions and lifestyle.

However, the real issue here is not what we should expect of a celebrity like Jenner, but what we can expect from the pop culture harpies and bullies.