Freedom of speech is alive and well in the state of Texas. Yesterday, a judge threw out a frivolous lawsuit filed by clock boy against Glenn and TheBlaze. If you’ll remember, Ahmed Mohamed took a clock project to school which closely resembled a bomb. Glenn and crew had originally supported Ahmed — until they saw the clock themselves.

“We reported it, and we reported it accurately on this program. And yesterday, the judge threw that case out,” Glenn said.

In celebration, co-host Pat Gray gave a screeching, clock boy rendition of Happy Days Are Here Again.

Enjoy this complimentary clip from The Glenn Beck Program:

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Below is a rush transcript of this segment, it might contain errors:

GLENN: Hello, America. And welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. We are waiting now for a news conference with president-elect Trump on this — the latest on this back and forth with Russia. We have spent two hours talking about it today, trying to look at it logically. We can’t make heads or tails of this. It doesn’t ever lead anyplace good. And we don’t buy into all the stuff that it says about Donald Trump. We’ll see what he has to say and see if he can bring any reason to any of this. As he comes out, we will do that. Also, I understand we have some good news. We’ll get to there, right now.

PAT: Yeah, we’re waiting for the Donald Trump press conference here which is coming up in a second. But first, we got some really good news before we get to that.

GLENN: May I read — this is from the court yesterday.

On this day, court considered the anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss, motion to dismiss by defendants, TheBlaze Inc and Glenn Beck collectively, TheBlaze parties, pursuant to Chapter 27 — blah, blah. After considering the motion to dismiss any responses and replies thereto, any supporting or official affidavits — blah, blah, blah — the motion to dismiss is granted.

Therefore, ordered, the motion to dismiss filed by TheBlaze parties is in all things granted in its entirety.

PAT: This is in the clock kid. Ahmed, the clock kid. Clockmed, we called him a few times. Allegedly, Clockmed. We allegedly —

GLENN: So this was — so what an anti-SLAPP is in the United States — or, I mean, in Texas, which really is the United States now, is a — a remedy that people can take if your First Amendment rights are being questioned to stop really kind of frivolous lawsuits.

STU: Yeah, basically a frivolous lawsuit defense, allegedly.

PAT: If you remember right, it was the kid who went to school with the clock. And he said it was a clock. It looked like a bomb. And originally, we were pissed off at the school district.

GLENN: We were for him.

PAT: We were for the kid. We were defending the kid, and then we saw the picture of it. We were like —

STU: Of course, they thought it was a bomb.

PAT: — of course, they thought it was a bomb. It looks just like one.

GLENN: Right. And we also then heard that he was told by a teacher, “Hey, don’t bring this into other — don’t show this to anybody. It looks like a bomb.” And so he didn’t do the first degree lookalike weapon. He used common sense and said, “Hey, put that away. Don’t do that anymore. Another teacher won’t be so cool with that.” And they weren’t. And he kept doing it, almost as if he was trying to —

PAT: Almost as if.

GLENN: Yeah, we don’t know if that’s what it was.

PAT: It allegedly looked that way in our humble opinions.

GLENN: We reported it. And we reported it accurately on this program. And yesterday, the judge threw that case out.

PAT: Fortunately, showing that apparently freedom of speech is still alive. Right?

GLENN: However, I will say that the First Amendment is not real healthy.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: And we have not talked about the other court case that we settled in Boston. And we will. So you know, I settled that case, but I settled it with the understanding and the legal ability to open up the entire record of the case. That case is not sealed.

And we did settle for a small sum of money because it was going to go all the way to the Supreme Court. It should have. But it would have probably cost me $5 million. Instead, I settled it with it unsealed because we’re going to present this to you and show you exactly what happened in the Boston bombing case. There is something very wrong, and it has little to do with the guy who was suing me, and everything to do with the United States government, which was the point in the first place.

PAT: But in this particular case —

GLENN: It’s over.

PAT: A little celebration is appropriate. Because…

PAT: Allegedly.

GLENN: Not at all. He didn’t say that at all.

PAT: He just didn’t put it right. But he did throw out the case!
GLENN: Yes. Yes.

PAT: So we actually won. Actually won.

STU: I have some documents that show that his mom was a especially proud, more than other relatives.

PAT: And his mom was allegedly, especially proud!

GLENN: You know what’s amazing about that case is the amount of stuff that was sent from people like Zuckerberg and everybody else, when it turns out that that wasn’t exactly what happened, that that’s not — and the judge is, you know — because he sued I don’t even know how many people. His family has come back and sued everybody.

STU: Yeah. (inaudible) Ben Ferguson.

PAT: Looking for a payout.

GLENN: We’re the second case to be dismissed, and there’s a line of people that are going to court.

PAT: You know who else has been dismissed? Do you know or can you say?

GLENN: No, I don’t know. I don’t remember. But there were two — we were in court with two of the people.

PAT: I think the mayor of Irving is still involved, right? She’s still wrapped up in this.

GLENN: But we still have court cases. And I think it’s the same argument. I don’t know. I’m not involved in anyone else’s —

PAT: It’s ridiculous.