With both George and Barbara Bush being hospitalized just days before the presidential inauguration — and in light of the respectful letter Mr. Bush sent President-elect Trump about missing the festivities — Glenn and his co-hosts paused to reflect on the Bush family.

“Say what you want about the Bush policy, but they respect the office of the presidency,” Co-host Pat Gray said.

Glenn concurred, noting the reverence Bush 41, Bush 43 and Jeb have for the United States and the presidency.

“I truly believe that the Bush family is one of, I would say probably the, most honorable family in politics today,” Glenn added.

Enjoy this complimentary clip from The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN: Do we have an update on George and Barbara Bush? I know she was hospitalized yesterday, which was really concerning. But he has been — he was really sick, he had to have an operation yesterday to remove something from his throat, a blockage in his throat. Supposedly doing well. She is just in, as a precaution, because she was coughing a lot.

JEFFY: I’m sure she was just — I mean, that happens a lot. Husband and wife come in like that. And she’s really concerned and starting to freak out.

GLENN: Yeah, they’re the kind of couple too though that I think love each other so much and have been together for so long, that they’re the kind of couple that dies together, you know what I mean?

I said that to Tania. She said — because I hadn’t heard that Barbara Bush was in the hospital. She had just gotten a text alert. And I said, “No, it’s George H.W. Bush.”

And she said, “No, Barbara has just been put in too.” And we were talking about it. And I said, “That’s the kind of couple that they die together.” They’re just this sweet pair that go together.

And she said, “I don’t know. I think maybe they’d do anything to not have to comment on why they’re not going to go to the Trump inauguration.”
What do you think is the giant scam?

STU: I don’t know. His letters seem to kind of —

GLENN: I didn’t read the letter. I didn’t read the letter.

STU: I mean, he said like, “My doctors tell me if I go outside in January, I might wind up 6 feet under.”

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: It’s interesting that really until the election, the Bushes really did not show any love at all to Donald Trump.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Since then, they have really respected the process and they support him.

GLENN: They have to. That’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to do that. You can disagree with the policies —

PAT: Say what you want about the Bush policy, but they respect the office of the presidency. I think — I think H.W. did. George W. Bush. As much as I’m not a fan, he did and does.

GLENN: I have — and Jeb.

PAT: Jeb.

GLENN: I truly believe that the — the Bush family is one of I would say probably the most honorable family in politics today. Do you think of a — do you think of a family — I mean, there’s very few.

STU: Yeah, they definitely respect the office. And I think they do those things well. I mean, you would expect it. It’s the only family that I can think of off the top of my head that’s had two president —

GLENN: Kennedys.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Well, not two presidents.

PAT: Name another guy too, name another man who would have put up with the bashing he’s received over the last years, where everything has been blamed on him. It was absurd the things they blamed on him. They said nothing about him. He never said anything. You never heard George W. Bush, “No, I didn’t do that. That’s not my fault. That’s Obama.” You never heard any of that come out of him. He just took it. He just took it.

STU: Cheney was a little bit more outspoken.

PAT: And you would expect that from Cheney.

GLENN: Yeah. George Bush said to me right at the end of his time in the Oval, he said, “I am prepared — I did what I felt was right. And I am prepared to be the most hated man in the next 50 years. Let history, once everybody involved in this is gone, let history judge.”

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: “I’m prepared.”