A controversy of sorts reared its ugly head today on The Glenn Beck Program. The coin toss at Super Bowl LI was done by none other than George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States and the oldest living president. While Glenn thought it was a great moment for the former president, co-hosts Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher believed the moment fell flat, putting the 91-year-old Bush in a not-so-flattering situation.

“He’s not healthy enough to have that moment right now. He’s just not. He just got out of the hospital,” Pat said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN: You guys are bad people.

PAT: Why? I —

JEFFY: Oh, come on now.

PAT: You’re talking about the coin toss?

GLENN: I’m talking about the coin toss. And I bring it up off air. And I think — I think that was great moment.

PAT: I thought it was really sad. I thought it was really sad.

GLENN: He’s 91.

PAT: I know. And they put him in a bad position.

GLENN: No, they did not.

PAT: There was no way for him to look good there.

GLENN: He just got out of the hospital.

PAT: I know. That’s why they should have given him some help. What they needed to do was have the president, his son, and his father. They could have had W. and H.W. And W. could have flipped the coin.

GLENN: Why? If I were W,. I wouldn’t have done it.

PAT: Why?

GLENN: This is my dad’s moment. This is my dad’s moment.

PAT: Your dad’s moment is passed, and he wasn’t — he’s not healthy enough to have that moment right now. He’s just not. He just got out of the hospital.

GLENN: You can’t handle — you can’t handle the ravages of age.

PAT: No. It’s hard. It’s hard to see him that way.

JEFFY: Pushed out in the wheelchair.

GLENN: But it was good to see him. He was alert. He knew what was going on.

PAT: I’m not sure that’s true.

GLENN: Oh, yes, he did. When the referee turned, he said —

JEFFY: Yeah, the first time, he did — he went to reach for the coin.

GLENN: Yeah, he was like, where’s my coin?

JEFFY: And the referee walked away. He was left hanging out there in his wheelchair waiting for the coin.

GLENN: He said — he said — you can read his lips.

PAT: That was nice. Thank you, Jeffy.

JEFFY: No. Thank you.

GLENN: You could — you could read his — so mean.
So mean.

PAT: It was not pleasant.

GLENN: It was not good.