We go back to the basic flaw in liberal brains again and again. Conservative belief–not its abuse, mind you–is an incredibly inclusive and tolerant tent. This is because conservatives believe that liberals are simply wrong, not evil (most of them at least). Therefore true conservatives are tolerant of liberals, LGBT, and all racial identities.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe that conservatives are bad people and must not be tolerated. Therefore, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion or national identity, if you aren’t on the “bake that cake, bigot!” boat, you’re at a minimum defective. If you’re white and Christian and male, you’re evil. Liberals cannot separate the dual streams of ideals and advocacy.

Now to my well-buried lede. Jennifer Finney Boylan spent six weeks hanging out with Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner. She laid out her confused thoughts in the New York Times Sunday Review. She’s confused because Jenner insists on being a Republican who supports President Donald Trump. And she’s a transgender man.