The media are too blind to see they’ve failed America. Instead, they are too busy pointing fingers at President Trump, accusing him of delegitimizing the media, when they’ve been illegitimate for a long time. So, how odd it is that a liberal Hollywood actress has to call them out for not doing their job.

Susan Sarandon delivered the fatal blow to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes during his Wednesday evening show All In. Hayes was more than excited to have his own kind on the show so they could have a Bash Trump Party, but Sarandon wasn’t having it. Not that she didn’t bash Trump — she did to be sure — but she wasn’t interested in engaging in chatter about how he won. She knows the path that led to Trump; she said it before on Hayes’s program back in early 2016: “If you think it is pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you are not in touch with the status quo. The status quo is not working.”

After Hayes had played that clip, he asked the actress if she still believes Trump was a better choice for the country than Hillary Clinton. Sarandon, a Bernie Sanders surrogate and vehement anti-Clintonite, doubled down, nearly repeating her year-old comment: “If you are not in touch with the status quo, you are going to lose. I mean, if you’re arguing for shoring up the status quo when America is asking for change, you are going to have a difficult time.”

But this wasn’t satisfactory for Hayes.