On her way to do tactical training and “blow stuff up,” Dana Loesch, host of The Dana Show on TheBlaze TV and national spokesperson for the National Rifle of Association, joined Glenn on radio to give a blistering defense of pro-life conservatism.

“Conserving the individual is the basis of conservatism. It is classical, de Tocqueville liberalism. And if anybody knows anything about politics 101, if they know this, this should not be a surprise to them,” Loesch said.

Loesch went on to stress the importance of political theory and history in education.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN: Dana Loesch joins us now. Hello, Dana.

DANA: Hey, Glenn.

GLENN: Do women have the right to abort their children in the terrible twos? I’m just throwing that out there.

DANA: Do women have the right to abort other women who whine too much?

GLENN: How are you doing, Dana?

DANA: I’m going to do some tactical training, so I’m going to blow stuff up.

GLENN: You are.

PAT: You are more macho than we are.

GLENN: That’s not saying very much.

STU: Seeing last week’s monologue of the opera, if you would like to investigate that one.

PAT: She’s blowing stuff up.

GLENN: And you’re going to the opera.

PAT: Beautiful.

GLENN: Anyway, Dana, let’s talk about the underpinnings of the constitution for life. Are you — would you be a hypocrite, and I know Tommy, you know, didn’t call people hypocrites, she said she would be a hypocrite if she. Do you believe that?

DANA: Well, I don’t want to get into what other people say and stand because people are going to do them. I’m going to keep doing me and the position I’ve always held is a limited government conservative is completely not hypocritical because you cannot — you simply cannot enjoy the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness without first having the right to life because everything else hinges on your right to exist, and that’s how it is always. You don’t have the right to pursue anything if you can’t live first. I mean, it’s nuts. It’s a cop out when people say it’s a purity test. What you know? Yeah, life should be a purity test and those people who lack the courage of their own conviction, and they don’t publicly hold their own position, that’s what it is.

GLENN: I was talking off air this morning. You have to start with is it life? And the founders knew the moment it stirs, the moment you know it’s — you’re pregnant, the moment it stirs, called — I believe they used to call that the quickening.

DANA: Yes.

GLENN: Then it was a child. We’re trying to go scientifically in the scientific age, we’re going to deny it’s a child by denying people the right to an ultra sound. It’s really crazy to think how antiscience we have become. But you have to decide if it is a child or not. Once you decide, yes, it is a child, there is no right that anyone would have to take another’s life.

DANA: No, I agree with that. It’s science. We should be the party of science. And we all know how it takes place. It’s a life. It’s a life. Choice occurs before conception. If we want to talk about choice, that occurs before conception. Afterwards, it’s not choice. It should be always — that should be our mantra. Choice before the conception. Afterwards. And choice is just a fancy word that people hide the fact that it is murder.

PAT: That’s the way I always felt too, Dana. From that standpoint in order to be consistent, you would have to say you’re conceding when a woman is raped then. That it would be illegal in the case of rape and incest because her choice was taken away in that case.

DANA: Well, even then, to use that as a universal measurement, according to planned parenthood’s own statistics, it’s fewer than 1 percent of all cases.

PAT: Yeah.

DANA: If people want to have a discussion of the fewer than 1 percent to stop the 99 percent that’s being used, I think it’s a great argument to have. But to use it when it’s fewer than 1 percent as the universal rule in arguing for legalized, I think it’s a disingenuous argument.

GLENN: How do you feel, Dana, about what’s happening to the conservative movement, becoming this populist, really in some ways nonintellectual kind of movement?

DANA: I think there’s industry conservatism, and then there’s the actual movement of conservatism. I think that the industry attracts people who — and they’re capitalists, I have to give them credit. I’m always going to trust the capitalists. But I think that it looks like an opportunity for people to see the bond, and it’s great to put out content and get views for it. But at the same time, it’s still a real movement. I like populism in tiny amounts. I don’t like a whole lot of populism because I think then it tends to obscure the truth and people look for personalities instead of principle, and you always have to fall back on principle because everything else is going to be a flash but principle is always going to stay. And that’s something that we should be focusing on as a movement. But I look at it, and I think that the right, it’s a big tent. And these are the conversations that we’re going to have when you have a big tent. Here’s the big problem that I have, Glenn, and I know I’ve spoken with you about this before.

People use the words like Republican and independent and conservative, they use these terms interchangeably because they think incorrectly that they all mean the same thing, when they do not. And you’re going to have pro-choice Republicans and atheist Republicans and you’re going to have pro-choice and atheist independents. But one of the things I cannot see and I do not define conservatism as is a pro-choice conservative. Because the basis of conservatism is conserving the liberty of the individual. Conserving the individual, and it all goes back to the right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So you cannot, and I’m not being a bouncer of conservatism. I’m pointing to logic. And if people want to could you say me of having a purity test. Hell yes, I will always use life as a purity test. And if anyone else doesn’t, I pity those people. But, yes, conserving the individual is the basis of conservatism. It is classical de Tocqueville liberalism. And if anybody knows anything about politics 101, if they know this, this should not be a surprise to them. This is why political theory in class is important. This is why history is important.
This is why learning what these terms mean is important. They are not click-based sound bytes. They mean something.

GLENN: I’ve got to run, Dana, God bless you.