Any guesses?

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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GLENN: Amazing. I didn’t see that one coming. Vin Diesel now has 101 million followers on his Facebook page. He’s number three.

JEFFY: Yeah. Not — Facebook has the top three. So the four, five, and six are the first people.

GLENN: Yeah, the first real people.

JEFFY: Yeah, so it’s Ronaldo, Shakira, and Vin Diesel. Amazing.

GLENN: Who would have seen Geraldo being number one?

STU: Well, that whole, you know, towel picture with the —

GLENN: Yeah. Wow. That was —

STU: I think that probably — or it could be somebody different.

JEFFY: I think it’s somebody else. Yeah, it’s Ronaldo, the soccer player.

PAT: Ronaldo.

GLENN: Ronaldo. Yeah, love him. And the soccer thing that he does so well. Yeah, it’s riveting, especially on Facebook.