The Politicization and Religiosity of Science

This weekend’s March for Science is yet more evidence the government should get out of funding science. Science has become so politicized, it is harder and harder to know what is true and what is said to get government grants. The hilarious part of it all is the vast array of liberals marching who claimed to be for science, but who think men can get pregnant and life begins when a woman takes her baby home from the hospital.

Science is increasingly also a religious affair. Anyone who is skeptical of a scientific theory must be burned at the stake, or at least denied access to television and employment. The more one values a scientific theory, the more one expects the government to tithe to the high priests of the theory.

Is it any wonder so many people are skeptical of claims of global warming when the high priests of the cult have been telling us for thirty years that we only had ten years left to do something? We are now thirty years past the ten years that were supposed to be our last.