Rush Warns of Dangerous Precedent If Trump Folds to Avoid Government Shutdown

According to Rush Limbaugh, not having a government shutdown has been the single focus of Republican policy for years now — at disastrous consequences.

“It has translated into the Democrats being able to deny Republicans most of what they want, and the Democrats to get what they want,” Rush said during his radio program.

Glenn agreed, saying both parties have tried to paint the other as extremists that would shut down the government.

“So, what do you have now? You have a lesson taught by two extremists, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. And if you think that this is hyperbole, to say that the Democrats and the Republicans are extremists, what do you call running a country without a budget for nine years? You call that logical?” Glenn asked. “At the same time you’re doing that, you’ve piled on $11 trillion of debt?”

Now that sounds extremist.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program: