Sen. Ben Sasse Explains the Devastating Potential of Cyber Blackmail

What worries Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) the most about cyber crime and warfare? The devastating impact it will have on people’s privacy.

In a recent interview, he fabricated a situation that could prevent citizens from running for office:

Here’s what comes next in things like Russian interference in America and in other countries in the age of cyber war over the next decade. I’m obviously concerned about 2016. But I’m far more concerned about 2018 and 2020. Because here’s what comes next: John Dickerson decides to run for office in 2018, and all of a sudden your credit card records get dumped in some sort of a cyber hack leak. And 97 percent of those records are going to be real. And there’s going to be texture to it. And you were in City X on this day, and you were in City Y on this other date.

But 3 percent of the records are going to be fabricated. And they’re going to be interwoven. And, John, you’ve been spending a lot of money at a women’s clothing store in Chattanooga, but your wife isn’t in Chattanooga. So that’s weird.

“He’s exactly right,” Glenn said Monday on radio. “This is why I’ve said get rid of all the secrets that you’re hiding. Be completely transparent with everybody. Tell everybody the truth. Even the worst parts about you. Get it out. Let people know who you are.”

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program: