O’Reilly Fridays: Bill and Glenn to Chat Weekly on Radio

If you enjoyed Glenn’s back and forth banter last week with Bill O’Reilly during his first post-Fox News interview, we’ve got some good news. Mr. O’Reilly will be calling in again.

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As reported by The Hill, Bill O’Reilly will be joining Glenn on air Fridays for the foreseeable future to discuss the news of the day. Their conversation this Friday, May 19, will take place at the top of hour two, 10AM EST.

What topics would you like Glenn and Bill O’Reilly to discuss?

Having @billoreilly on radio again this Friday, 10 ET. What topics would you like us to hit? Vote or comment. https://t.co/I3MvZFDJW3

— Glenn Beck (@glennbeck) May 17, 2017