Glenn Reveals Shocking Tidbit From Private Encounter With Roger Ailes

On his radio program Thursday, Glenn shared stunning details of a private encounter he had with Former Fox CEO Roger Ailes while working for the network. Ailes died Thursday morning at the age of 77.

Glenn recounted the closed-door meeting with Ailes in his office.

“I’m walking out after this meeting with him,” Glenn said. “I start walking toward the door, and I see this picture — this black and white photo of a young Roger Ailes, maybe 29, in the Oval Office.”

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When Glenn asked him what the picture was, Ailes replied, “Oh, that’s the first split screen.”

Glenn had the shock of his life when he realized Ailes had actually worked on the split screen featuring Richard Nixon making a phone call to the moon.

“This is the kind of stuff that was just kind of like hanging around him, the kind of life that you’re not going to find on Wikipedia,” Glenn said. “If you go to Wikipedia today, all you’re going to see is the bad stuff.”

If you look closely in the video below, you can see the split screen line moving back and forth:

H/T: Stu Burguiere