They’ve both recently discovered America no longer exists. At least not in its intended form.

O’Reilly lost his gig at Fox without anyone proving ANYTHING against him. I wonder if the realization that Fox was handing out millions of dollars to anyone who so much as made an accusation, would inspire more accusations? Nah.

Now, do I know for a fact Bill didn’t sexually harass anyone? No. However, based on my experience with him, I sincerely doubt he would jeopardize everything he’s worked so long and so hard for, by harassing women. He’s too smart and too professional for that. Not to mention, again, no proof has ever been offered…yet his career was burned to the ground anyway.

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Does a check for $25 million on your way out soften the blow? Sure, but that’s not the point.
Remember Mozilla Firefox CEO, Brendan Eich, who was fired from HIS job? That wasn’t even over an allegation of wrong-doing…but over a donation to a cause in which he believed. Someone was offended by his support of that cause, so, he was kicked to the curb.

Then…today, a story broke about a “Queer Punk Rock” band that is truly unbelievable. Now, my love for Queer Punk Rock is of course…legendary, so I’m obviously biased :)…still, let me make the case.

If you missed the story, this Queer Punk band, PWR BTTM (Power Bottom?), is made up of gender non-conforming musicians, and they are apparently HIGHLY acclaimed and very much on the rise. They were supposed to be “the next big thing.” Their second album had not even been released yet, it was highly anticipated, and universally loved by critics.

That is until someone…also “gender non-conforming” I believe, published a Facebook post that accused one of the band members of sexual assault. The article described the “assault” as…unwanted “advances.” It was somewhat unclear if the accuser was even alleging any sort of physical contact. The accuser was also NOT the victim of the “advances”…they just claimed they had witnessed them.

Well, the allegation was posted a week ago…and already, the band has apparently been destroyed. Concerts have been cancelled (including one here in Dallas) and their record company has virtually eliminated the bands’ music from the Internet. All without a SHRED of proof that ANYTHING inappropriate took place…and all without a victim coming forward.

A potentially promising career in ruins…over a FACEBOOK POST.

So, what do Bill O’Reilly and “Power Bottom” have in common?

They’re each gender non-conforming. Wait, that’s not right. They both rock the Queer Punk scene. No…that’s not it.

They both live somewhere, OTHER than…America.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Pat Gray’s Facebook page.