9 Difficult Tasks Mercury One Accomplished With Your Donations This Past Year

Thanks to generous donations and volunteer efforts, Mercury One has experienced a “whirlwind of activity” over the past 12 months, according to an email addressed to donors and supporters of the Texas-based nonprofit.

In the email, Mercury One executive director Susan Grishman reflected on what had been accomplished and thanked the friends, donors and supporters who made it all possible.

“Without you, we could not have saved lives, brought hope to the hopeless and helped those in need both here in the U.S. and around the world over the course of the last 12 months,” she stated. “And what a year it has been.”

Grishman went on to list 9 tasks that would have been impossible to achieve without the generous support of donors:

1. Assisted over 2,300 displaced Yazidi people relocate to Australia

2. Purchased two rescue ambucycles for emergency first responders in Israel

3. Helped fund $1 million in scholarships to the children of our fallen warriors

4. Moved over 3,500 refugees out of camps and tents into safe and dignified living conditions

5. Sponsored the rescue of over 30 women and children kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS

6. Supported a medical center in Greece providing health care to refugees

7. Gave emergency food aid to over 22,000 refugees fleeing the battles of Fallujah and Mosul

8. Provided education opportunities to high school students learning about history

9. Delivered bags of new pillows, blankets, towels, bedding and housewares to Liberty House’s resident recovering Veterans

“And this just scratches the surface,” Grishman added.

Mercury One team members pose for a photo in Washington, D.C.

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