It’s a good time to write a book if you’re a liberal. The Obamas cashed in after leaving the White House, Elizabeth Warren inked a massive deal and Bernie Sanders is the most recent to hit pay dirt.

The self-proclaimed socialist may declare he wants to help the little people by spreading the wealth — but his bank account sure doesn’t. The failed presidential candidate has reportedly signed a deal that nets him just a shade under $800,000.

“That’s nice . . . I mean, I’m happy for him. Here’s something I can agree on. There’s one way now I want to be like Bernie Sanders,” Mike Broomhead said, filling in for Glenn on radio.

Given that Bernie, who is way richer than most of his followers, wants to keep his hard-earned money and likes to acquire property, could it be that he’s really a closet capitalist?

“He still pulls in $420,000 a year from the various things that he does. He owns five houses, which I really applaud. That’s the American dream, that’s success,” Broomhead said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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MIKE: Before we get out of this hour, Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist got $795,000. $795,000 for his book deal. That’s nice. And, I mean, I’m happy for him. Here’s something I can agree on. There’s one way now I want to be like Bernie Sanders. I want to make $800,000 for writing a book. And that would be terrific. I would love it.

But he’s a capitalist. Michael Moore makes a career out of bashing the right and bashing capitalism with his sicko documentary. A complete lie about health care in general. But especially about Cuba.

Is ridiculous. But, man, is he good about what he does. There’s a guy that’s made millions of dollars with that rhetoric. But the guy is a multi-millionaire. Bernie Sanders. Publishers for his book, according to his 2016 annual financial filings.

He also received $63,750 in royalty payments that year. In addition to the book deal, he brings in over $200,000 in his salary. Now, he’s in the lower quarter of — of — of I guess wealth of the other senators. But the guy still does all right. He still pulls in $420,000 a year from his various things that he does. He owns five houses. Which I really applaud that. That’s the American dream. That’s success. That’s what America used to aspire to. When I was young growing up where I did, people used to point to successful people and say, “If you work hard, you can achieve that.”

The old saying is, “Chase the dream, not the money.” And that’s actually the way it is. That’s the way it should be. That’s all I’ve ever done. And it’s been the best experience of my live life is chasing the dream. You know, I love it. I absolutely love it.

But at the same time, I’m not going to apologize if I gain some level of wealth. Bernie Sanders does. As a matter of fact, in a tweet that he put out, on April 20th of this year, how many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can’t have it all.

And the funny argument with that argument is many people would agree with it. My question to Bernie Sanders would be, how much do I need — why are you entitled to it just because I don’t need it? Why is it that the government gets to take it just because they deem that I don’t need it?

So Bernie Sanders, a self-confirmed socialist, is richer than most of the people that follow him.