If Bruce Was Never a He and Always a She, Who Won the Men’s Olympic Gold in 1976?

ESPN has gone all in on diversity and the insanity is at a fever pitch. In a recent 30 for 30 documentary podcast on the 1992 Olympics, Dan and Dave, the stars of a massive Reebok advertising push, were interviewed about their experience. In the interview, the two dared to call Bruce Jenner a he even though he was still calling himself a he at the time.

This prompted ESPN to add this disclaimer to the podcast:

One note, this episode features references to legendary decathlete Caitlyn Jenner. First to be referred to as Bruce in regards to her decathlete career.

Wait a second, is there a legendary athlete named Caitlyn Jenner in the record books?

“They put a disclaimer at the beginning of this podcast to tell you that they’re calling him Bruce when he was Bruce. However, even when Bruce or Caitlyn now says he wants to be referred to as Bruce, they still feel the need to tell you that it’s Caitlyn and Caitlyn was the famous decathlete from the 1970s,” Stu said on radio Friday.

“If Caitlyn Jenner — if Bruce Jenner was a woman in 1976, which is what we’re supposed to believe, we should strip the medals away from Bruce Jenner because Caitlyn was performing in the wrong decision… If Caitlyn Jenner was actually Bruce at the time and was a woman, that would be against Olympic rules to compete in that division.”

This really should be a non-issue or at least not a complicated one, but somehow diversity has made everyone second guess everything.

“ESPN has gone — and it’s the Disney mentality. They’ve just gone nuts. They’ve just gone nuts,” Glenn said.

“But it’s not that complex. You’re saying she is wrong. She was always a she and never a him, no matter what he says. By the way, don’t you ever call him a him when it’s her because of his choice to be her.”

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program: