What do you think when you hear the words “American made”?

Strength, quality, dependability, durability?

When President Trump signed the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order in April, he tapped into the sentiment of Americans nationwide hoping to boost our country’s economy and provide more sustainable jobs to the United States.

At the signing of the order, Trump declared, “We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words ‘Made in the USA.’ For too long we’ve watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to faraway lands.”

While the “Made in America” movement certainly won’t solve all our nation’s problems, buying American-made goods is still a good idea. Here are five reasons why:

1. Jobs

Buying American-made goods ultimately leads to more jobs for more Americans. It increases demand for American-made products, which encourages manufacturing companies to hire more employees to keep up with the demand for locally-made goods.

2. Quality

Products made in America are, in many ways, simply better. When you see the “Made in the USA” tag on a tool or article of clothing, it’s like a seal of excellence. You can rest assured it’s been made with quality, precision and care.

3. Human Rights

The manufacturing in the United States is held to certain standards, with laws and acts (think OSHA) that assure safe and sanitary working conditions. With outsourced products, this is not always the case. When products are made in America, consumers can shop with a clear conscience, knowing the conditions of workers are up to par.

4. Sustainability

Local manufacturing reduces waste in a number of ways. First, it minimizes over production. This leads to reductions in other costly categories, including labor, energy and land use. Correcting defects in production can take place much quicker, and transportation costs also go down. This frees up companies to focus more on innovation, better treatment of employees and customer satisfaction.

5. Patriotism

Along with the other benefits of shopping local mentioned here, nothing rings truer than the sense of American patriotism. There’s something about the sense of pride that comes when you pick up a product that’s engraved, stamped or tagged with the words, “Made in America.” It’s good to know you’re doing something to help the local economy and improve the lives of fellow citizens.

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