Oregon couple Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler lost custody of their first son Christopher shortly after he was born. Fabbrini gave birth to their second son in February — and he was taken by the Department of Human Services before leaving the hospital. Fabbrini and Ziegler claim the state took these actions because of their low IQ.

The couple has gone through rigorous testing and jumped through every hoop demanded by the state to prove their competency, but their children remain in foster care, awaiting adoption.

If you would to help Amy and Eric fight the battle to get their children back, please consider donating to their legal fund. You can also learn more at her advocate’s website or sign a petition.

To learn more or get involved:
DONATE via GoFundMe to assist with the family’s legal expenses
SIGN THE PETITION to get Christopher and Hunter back in their parents’ care
• Visit Sherrene Hagenbach, Amy’s advocate, online at aktionnow.com