Disney Is Planning to Pull All of Its Movies From Netflix and Start Its Own Streaming Service

It’s barely been a year since Netflix became the exclusive site for streaming Disney movies. Now, in a stunning reversal, the House of Mouse has announced it plans to pull its films from the service and start up one of its own in 2019.

Announced during its earnings report today, Disney confirmed plans to remove all of its movies from the service and end its streaming agreement with Netflix in 2019, meaning that movies like Toy Story 4 or Frozen 2, both due out that year, will not come to Netflix . Exclusive rights were only granted to Netflix by Disney starting last September, making it the only place to stream new Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and—as of June, with the arrival of Rogue One on the platform—Star Wars movies.

After the deal is nullified, Disney is planning to launch its own streaming service sometime in 2019 as well, so don’t expect those movies to show up anywhere else.