Coca-Cola has angered its Coke Zero cult following by pulling the diet drink from shelves after slow sales. Will its new option, Coke Zero Sugar, mollify fans in the U.S.?

Coke Zero Sugar, which is already sold internationally, is being pitched as an update to Coke Zero. “Coca-Cola Zero is getting a new name, new look and even more delicious taste,” the company said in a statement. “The no-calorie fan favorite will deliver an even better-tasting recipe and now be called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.”

Stu is TheBlaze’s resident Coke Zero advocate and tasked Glenn with taste-testing on radio Monday to see if there is any distinction between the two colas.

“[Coke Zero Sugar] actually tastes different,” Glenn admitted to his surprise. “More like a Pepsi-ish,” he tried to explain the different flavor contrasted with Coke Zero.

“This is by far the most relevant part of the news today,” Stu joked. “Don’t screw with my Coke Zero.”

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GLENN: So glad that you’re here. Okay. Coke Zero came out.

STU: Yes.

GLENN: And I believe this is absolutely nothing. This is just about appeasing foreign markets because America is now a secondary market. For almost everybody, it’s a secondary market. So here is Coke Zero. And here is Coke Zero Sugar.

STU: Now, you’ve had Coke Zero before. Maybe try that first. Get your palate set.

GLENN: Okay. I know exactly what it tastes like.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Coke Zero. Now, this is Coke Zero Sugar?

STU: Sugar. Uh-huh. Same exact ingredients in the same order, but supposedly different formula.

GLENN: Different. This is one is sweeping the world. And it tastes different, I think.

STU: It does.

GLENN: I think. Same aftertaste.

PAT: In a good way or a bad way?

GLENN: Same aftertaste.

PAT: Is it better? Worse?

STU: This is by far the most relevant news today.

GLENN: Taste — taste — hmm. Tastes almost like you know how regular Coke tastes when you melt ice in it.

PAT: Watered down?


GLENN: It tastes almost like that.

PAT: It tastes watered down.

STU: Closer to Coke?

GLENN: Closer to Coke. More like a Pepsi-ish.

STU: Ugh, what are they doing?

GLENN: Maybe — maybe it’s just me. Let me try this.


STU: Don’t screw with my Coke Zero.

GLENN: No, it is different.

PAT: Yeah?

STU: Really? Noticeably different?

GLENN: It is noticeably different.

PAT: Yeah.