An American baby with the same deteriorating condition that Charlie Gard had is eligible for treatment that could improve his quality of life.

Glenn read an email with an update from Russell Cruzan II, the father of baby Russell “Bubby” Cruzan,” on radio Thursday. Parents Russell Cruzan II and Michelle Budnik-Nap have been fighting to get treatment for their child suffering from mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

Unlike 11-month-old Charlie Gard, whose parents were blocked by British courts from finding other medical options, Bubby Cruzan can be taken to specialists for treatment to potentially improve his condition. While there is no known cure for the genetic condition, specialists have taken strides with experimental medicine to improve quality of life for children.

“Boston went better than we could have hoped, Glenn,” Russell Cruzan said in the email, explaining that Bubby had been accepted into the drug treatment trial program at a Boston hospital. He thanked TheBlaze audience for all of their help and support.

“We couldn’t have done anything without your audience,” he wrote.

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GLENN: Bubby Cruzan’s dad — Bubby is the kid that has the disease that Charlie Gard had. Tried to get him to Boston. You helped out.

Just got a quick email: Boston went better than we could have hoped, Glenn. He’s been accepted into the drug trial we’re shooting for. Decided other supplements and meds that we could add. The only thing we know is this wouldn’t have happened without you or your audience giving my son a future and giving us hope. We couldn’t have done anything without your audience. Thanks.