Even though it’s been downgraded from hurricane status, Tropical Storm Harvey continues to douse Texas and the southern coast as torrential rain adds to the flood waters.

On radio Wednesday, Glenn thanked the audience for their incredible support and asked them to continue to help as flood victims try to recover. In the last 48 hours, people have given over $500,000 to help Texas; unfortunately, the storm is far from over.

“It’s going to have a chain reaction that you’re going to probably feel in your community,” he said of the huge storm that has flooded tens of thousands of homes. “I’m humbled by what you have already done.”

Teams working to rescue people and keep them fed and safe need supplies, including satellite phones. Because the satellite phones sent to the disaster site aren’t waterproof, communication has been going down.

“We need more boats. … We also need your help on communication devices,” Glenn said. “This is a long way from being over.”

UPDATE: Total funds are now over $1,000,000 in donations.

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GLENN: So there is — there’s some good news. Yesterday, just in the last 24 hours, you have stepped to the plate in an unbelievable way. Over $500,000 was raised just on yesterday’s program. And we — we can’t thank you enough for that.

This is going to be something that goes for a very, very, very long time. And I think it is going to — it’s going to have a chain reaction. That you’re going to probably feel in your community.

And I am — I’m humbled by what you have already done and how many people are just giving like $5. Yesterday, I got an email. And people — and we’re going to talk to Jason who is down yesterday in Houston.

He said he could not believe the number of people who were driving their own personal cars and bringing their boats from all over the country. And he said, they were just leaving their car. And as they were leaving, they were like, “Buy, car.” They just knew they were never going to see their car again. And Jason almost got stuck a couple of times because they’re driving around. And they’re trying to find a place to launch the boats. But the water is coming in so fast, that the cars are — you know, when they drive down a street, if they can’t launch it there, by the time they were turning around to try to get out the same way, they were blocked. I mean, they almost got trapped yesterday.

Just, you know, they didn’t have a boat.


GLENN: They were following the guys who had the boat. At one point, they got separated. And they were like, we are — we’re going to be asking them to rescue us.

JEFFY: Right.

GLENN: We need more boats. And we also need your help on communication devices. The satellite phones that we dispatched yesterday, unfortunately not waterproof. And so we’re losing a lot of satellite phones, the communication devices are going down.

We really need your support to believe just to communicate. This is a long way from being over.

You have to remember the waters were receding in — with Katrina, really quickly.

And you were able to go — by this time, they were going door-to-door, and they were spray painting X’s and numbers on doors of how many people were dead in those homes. We’re not even there yet.

And this is a long, long way from being over. And we really need your support at mercuryone.org.

We are trying to be as transparent as we possibly can be so you know exactly where the money is. I’ll give you an update on what was happening yesterday. But we have — I think it’s Project Barbecue yesterday, finally was able to get to the — to the location, which is the convention center.

PAT: George R. Brown Convention Center.

GLENN: The convention center, they’re the ones that are going to be supplying 25,000 meals a day. Last night, they finally were able to fire things up. I think they served only 2500 last night. They’ll be up to ten or 15,000 by today. And by tomorrow, they’ll be at 25,000 meals.

STU: And in a real moment of graciousness, we have offered, when they’re done, they can come back and stage here. Any barbecue facility actually that wants to come and stage themselves here, is welcome at any time.

GLENN: But there’s no one to rescue here.

JEFFY: There’s plenty of room in the parking lot to —

STU: Thank you, Jeffy. Lots of room.

So just think of this. This is all donations. Think of the amount of beef you need and pork. Thank God we’re in Texas.

Think of the amount of food. For 25,000 people, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at that one location. If you can help us, five bucks makes a world of difference. Go to mercuryone.org.