Wondering why the name of this MSNBC anchor has been trending?

Lawrence O’Donnell was furious in around 8 minutes of footage obtained by Mediaite. The anchor seems to have had a series of meltdowns that were captured on video last month and leaked online Wednesday.

“STOP THE HAMMERING UP THERE. WHO’S GOT A HAMMER?” O’Donnell can be heard shouting in the clip. “WHERE IS IT? WHERE’S THE HAMMER?”

Glenn Beck, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere tried to extrapolate some lessons from O’Donnell’s on-camera crisis on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“So before they end the world on the 23rd, we get to find out that Lawrence O’Donnell is still on the air,” Stu joked. “Both signs from God.”

They listened to part of the clip, which definitely had distinct sounds of hammers being used.

Glenn didn’t think Pat would have been able to handle the racket either.

“You would have lost your mind,” he said.

O’Donnell has since apologized for losing it in the studio, tweeting that “a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties.”

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GLENN: I will tell you that the Lawrence O’Donnell show, you know, sometimes — it’s like — I think God allows, you know, people saying, if there is God, how come he allows war? Because we need to learn geography.

STU: Right. That’s not —

PAT: Otherwise, no one would know where Iraq is. We had to attack it to find out.

GLENN: North Korea. You’re like, I don’t know. It’s around that area. So it teaches you. The same thing with the hammering. That hammering incident was just God’s way of saying, “Lawrence O’Donnell still exists.”

STU: Oh.

PAT: Okay. All right. Yeah.

GLENN: We’re like, huh, that show is still on the air.

PAT: Huh. And actually, I didn’t know that. I honestly didn’t know it..

STU: I didn’t, to be honest.

PAT: So…

STU: That’s interesting. Before they end the world on the 23rd, we get to find out that Lawrence O’Donnell is still on the air.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: Both signs from God.

GLENN: Yes. Sign in heaven: Stop the hammering!

STU: Do we have actually the hammering sound, Sarah? Because I haven’t —

PAT: Because I could not hear the hammering sound.

GLENN: Oh, yes, you can. Then you heard an edited version.

STU: Okay. Yeah, probably.

GLENN: It’s like crazy.

PAT: Did you hear it too?

GLENN: Pat, it would have made you — you would have lost your mind.

PAT: You would have been pissed?

GLENN: You would have lost your mind.

STU: Let’s listen to it. Listen.
PAT: Okay, yeah.

STU: That’s really —

PAT: Definitely. Definitely.

GLENN: Okay. He’s in an interview.

PAT: Yeah. I’d be mad. I’d —

VOICE: Is Donald Trump going to be called to testify —

GLENN: He’s asking a — so he’s in the middle of — you couldn’t — you’d lose your mind.

VOICE: Stop the hammering.

GLENN: You’d lose your mind.

PAT: That just shows you how inconsequential Lawrence O’Donnell’s show is and MSNBC is, doesn’t it? Because how does a major television network allow that to happen in the middle of a show?

STU: It is rare. However, these things do occur. Like — and everybody gets pissed off at work from time to time. The idea that you’re on camera winds up happening. It does happen. I’ve seen Glenn lose his mind before. We’ve probably all at some point —

PAT: Bill O’Reilly, famously.

STU: Yeah. And I don’t know that I’ve ever lost my mind like Lawrence O’Donnell, or I’ve ever seen Glenn lose his mind like that. However, you have your moments of real frustration. And you’re on camera.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: However, what is interesting, usually those things only get leaked when the staff does not like you.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

PAT: Right.

STU: I mean, so Lawrence, you wondered how many times has this happened with Lawrence O’Donnell, or if the people in the control room don’t really like him that much.

PAT: And they were fed up. And they were like, okay. Let’s put this one out.

GLENN: Really? Really, Mr. Jerk face? Yeah, you’re going to love this one. Because that’s where it came from. That came from the control room. Somebody in the control room made a copy of that and then posted it.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Luckily, I’ve been taking money from the studios and just funneling it to the control room for months, so they like me a lot. Even when I swear.

GLENN: Oh, man. They’re ripping me off twice. Because I’m doing the same thing. Pat, are you doing that too?

PAT: I don’t have any money to do that, so…