Have you listened to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speak at all lately? If you have, you might be just as concerned as we are. It seems as though words that should easily roll off the tongue have become quite the challenge for Pelosi.

Not to speculate, but this has been happening for quite some time now. We’re wondering if there’s an underlying health issue Pelosi is reluctant to address. Listen to the audio clip above to see what we’re talking about. It’s not hard to find instances on the web where Pelosi’s speech is erratic, like here, here, and a bizarre comment here.

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PAT: And in the meantime, of course, the left are screaming about gun control and how to stop this. I don’t know if there’s a way.

JEFFY: There isn’t.

PAT: To, you know, completely safety wrap our safety. You can’t do it.

JEFFY: No. It’s not possible.

PAT: You do what you can, of course. And nobody is saying we’re just going to give up on it. But we’re not taking — we’re not taking any look at the people involved.

JEFFY: Right.

PAT: What happened to them? How did they go haywire? Is there something we could have done to prevent it? Is there an institution some of these people need to be in? I don’t know.

JEFFY: I mean, the 50 million NRA members that Nancy Sinatra wants to line up and put in front of a firing squad. If they were a problem, I think Nancy would know it. I think she would already know.

PAT: Yeah. 888-727-BECK.

Also, speaking of Nancys. Nancy Pelosi — something is — something is wrong there.

JEFFY: Seriously.

PAT: We’ve mentioned that a few times. But people are compiling some of her recent discussions.


PAT: With either reporters or interviewers. Or some statements she’s made.

JEFFY: Yeah. We’ve played them as they have happened. But put together…

PAT: You start to wonder, is there — I mean, there’s something wrong there. And some people are speculating, it might be an alcohol problem. I don’t know. It might be a medication problem of some sort.

JEFFY: Definitely could be.

PAT: But there’s something going on here.

JEFFY: Listen to this.

NANCY: Bigotry, discrimination, anti-Semitism. Xenophobia.

PAT: Xenophobia.

NANCY: Have been to increase cov- — improve ben- — lower costs, improved benefits, and a more expanded —

Haven’t seen a budget. We’ve seen an outline. Blueprint. I don’t know.

PAT: Wow.

NANCY: Perhaps as we have St. Patrick’s Day lunch, we can have a comment — a moment of —

PAT: Of.

NANCY: A moment of comity.

PAT: All right.

NANCY: This is a historic opportunity for us. An opportunity of a generation. And we are not going to let it pass. Affordable Care Act will stand there with Social Security, with Medicare and Medicare.

PAT: With Medicare and Medicare?


PAT: Wow. Stand there with some good things.

NANCY: By the way, we could not have done without Family USA (phonetic) and without you. That is an applause line.
For you.

I look forward to continuing work with them (inaudible) under their leadership. Thank you and congratulate. Applause line.

PAT: Thank you and congratulate. Applause line.


NANCY: Epidemic and addiction and the rest.

Medicaid is there — in fact, don’t take it from me. John Kasich, the governor of Illinois said —

PAT: Ohio.

NANCY: — thank God for Medicaid.

Martin Luther Sing said, of all the inequality —

PAT: Martin Luther Sing said…

JEFFY: I mean.

NANCY: Martin Luther Sing said, of all the inequality —

PAT: Man. And then just last week, there was — she was trying to congratulate Lin-Manuel Miranda. Listen to this.

NANCY: Lin-Manuel. Lin-Manuel Miranda — Lin-Manuel Miranda is the great creative talent. Lin-Manuel Miranda took the story of our founding and imbued it with a fresh light and infectious spirit.

Lin-Manuel was continuing — Lin-Manuel, am truly, truly convinced, we celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man gifted by the muse of history. Thank you, Lin-Manuel. Thank you, Lin-Manuel.

JEFFY: I mean —

PAT: Something is going on there.

JEFFY: When you hear them separate, you don’t —

PAT: Sometimes you have a bad day.

JEFFY: Sure. You hear them separate — and originally, I thought — some have said — I know there’s an alcohol or a drug problem. And some have reported that it could be a denture issue.

PAT: Some have reported — you’ve reported that it could be a denture issue.

JEFFY: But put together, it does not sound like a denture issue.