Tiffany (whose last name is withheld for security reasons) was raped at the age of 12 and despite all the societal pressures to abort, she chose to keep her son. The tragedy now continues as the government granted her rapist parental rights and Tiffany and her family is being victimized all over again.

In the process of complying with updates for receiving government assistance, the state asked who the father was and if you can believe it — they gave him her address.

Now the father is attempting to make contact with her son requiring Tiffany, her son and her husband to relocate.

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Tiffany has done everything right, she not only kept him when she easily could have aborted or put him up for adoption, but she also worked washing dishes at age 14 and later worked at McDonald’s to provide for him.

Glenn was so moved by her story he made this declaration: “Let’s rock her world. This audience can change lives forever in 10 minutes.”

If you feel moved to help Tiffany protect her family, donate to her GoFundMe page here.