This year was one of the most destructive hurricane seasons of all time. This audience was able to respond and assist those in crisis as hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria all struck with a vengeance.

The rebuilding process will be long-term and Mercury One’s partners continue to provide assistance but here is what your support has been able to accomplish thus far:

  • Carried out water rescues of more than 85 people.
  • Provided more than 500,000 hot meals to victims and first responders.
  • Supplied 2,500 water filtration systems.
  • Delivered dozens of truckloads of water, food, blankets, personal hygiene kits and baby items.
  • Supported restoration and rebuilding efforts through the delivery of cleaning supplies as well as wallboard and other construction materials.
  • Deployed over 1,500 Team Rubicon Greyshirt volunteers who continue to muck out homes and start the rebuilding process for so many of those affected.

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images